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Diaper Change At The Post Office! Seriously?

Ok I understand the need for the freedom to do whatever we women want in public including breast feeding but what’s your take on public baby diaper change? The public display of baby poo poo and genitals at the Post Office in NYC with a crowd of about 30 people standing in a line nearby watching is a whole new matter. I quickly whipped out my little camera to capture the moment because I didn’t think anyone would believe me if I came here to describe what I had seen without images to back it up.

While this was going on the lady (who appears to be more or less like a babysitter/nanny, since baby looks too white to be hers) was on her cell phone speaking out very loud. Post Office staff members were afraid to approach her fearing it would erupt into an overblown drama judging by the loud and aggressive tone she was using to communicate with the person she was chatting with on her cell phone. They simply looked on and could not wait for her to finish and leave -another 48 mins and counting!

Poor baby, let’s just hope his future wife doesn’t see this picture on their wedding day to warrant enough materials for the Best Man’s jokes during his speech. Better yet, what would her employer/baby’s mother think or say about this?


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Pre-Oscar Meal…YUMMY!

How to celebrate the Oscars front row seat in your house. Cook a nice healthy meal, put your feet up and channel surf the red carpet line up and pray to God Meryl Streep or Viola Davis take home the golden dude. What can I say, I love food as much as I love my shoes. Here is from my kitchen to your screen. Enjoy!

Vegetable and Garlic Garnished Baked Groupa Fish


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Mr. Christian Louboutin Gave Me His Blessing!

Mr. Christian Louboutin and I

There is nothing like getting your shoe “blessed” by the man himself (Monsieur Christian Louboutin). I wrote a whole chapter about it in my book THE SHOEHOLIC. Get your copy to find out why he had to “bless” my pair of Armadillo d’orsay pumps. It was very crucial to get his ok considering what I had done to it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. While I was at it, he kindly signed the sole of my Barbie pink pumps as well, “To The Queen”

Signing my shoes!

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My Baby Is Now In Stores –Shoeholics Magazine!

I never thought I would see this day come so soon, so early on in the process. My baby, Shoeholics Magazine is now in stores and worldwide! OMG! Thank you all so much for being a part of this. I am forever grateful.

In Japan

in South Korea

In Aspen, USA

In Italy

As seen at Barnes & Nobles bookstores

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Happy Valentine’s Day! -Thai Style

This was the welcome gift in my room at the hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The hospitality in this country is unparalleled to any other elsewhere. Delicious! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY everyone!




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Thailand: Paradise On Earth

Thailand: Paradise In The Far East

Jeweled Buildings at the Grand Palace

After a cold winter tour in Japan and South Korea it was time to soak up some sun and endless massages in Thailand on the Osaki OS 4000T massage chair, my other home away from home. It’s hard not to stop by Thailand when visiting any part of Asia, this would mark my 4th time in the lovely country. Thailand is the ultimate paradise in Asia. I spent some crazy time in the city of Bangkok and headed to the beach resort with family friends to the unspoilt town of Hua Hin and the nearby Floating Market where I had my lunch of fried banana and sticky rice on one of the boats with the locals.

At the floating market

The delicatessen in Thailand is not to be missed. Yes, I love food!

Traditional Thai dish, Tom Yum Pla
Steamed whole sea bass fish in lemon sauce

Featured here are some of the images I took of my daily meals of fresh fish right out of the ocean accompanied by some organic vegetables. Since turning vegetarian during my visit to Panama last year, I stayed clear of any meat. My source of protein for now, fish and tofu. I guess that makes me a pescatarian of some sort. The best place to eat in Thailand are not fancy lavishly decorated digs but local outdoor make shift restaurants and hole in the walls. They are mind blowing!

Ourdoor “restaurant” by the road
At Wat Pho temple grounds

The visit finished on a high note, boarding Thai Airways where I got pampered the second I set my foot at the airport. Got whisked to the Royal First class check in lounge where I was served a fruity-herbal welcome drink. I was soon presented my boarding pass and sped through passport control to their airport lounge spa for a pre-flight traditional Thai massage then served pre-flight meal in the Royal First lounge. On the flight, in the intimate limited seating of the first class cabin, we was presented with a Rimowa travel kit box (featured below, the best ever on any airline), Dom Perignon champagne as an onboard refreshment and generous, unlimited servings of caviar! And to think I booked myself on this flight using my frequent flyer miles? WOW! Thai airways first class exceeded my expectation. I highly recommend it!

Cute little Rimowa travel gift set on Thai Airways

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Spicy Soup In South Korea…also very cold

This is about my 5th time visiting Korea but have never visited the country during their extreme winter season. I was under dressed.

I enjoyed visiting several cute little hole in the wall restaurants in South Korea, trying out tofu and spicy fish stews. The best people to ask about these places, the cab drivers.

It was nice seeing my good friend David who now resides there to teach young kids English in high school. It was fun watching a black man speak fluent Korean.  Below is a picture of me with the locals. Never mind me in my under stated attire and Zimbabwe T-Shirt for the “ceremony.” Sorry, will try harder next time. Perhaps in super high heel shows and Korean dresses 😉

With some of the locals in South Korea.

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