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It Should Be Forbidden To Step On The Ground In This!

It is past midnight, I am up late playing “dollhouse” with my shoes. I have a special place in my heart for this particular pair. I haven’t worn them yet but I plan on doing so very soon, I feel guilty to even say so. Aren’t they gorgeous? It should be illegal to place such beauty on the ground. They are like a Picasso painting. Pure art! Smooches!

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OMG! Christian Louboutin Is Killing Me!!!

Mr. Louboutin conquered the shoe market and is very well on his way to do the same with the handbag market with designs like this one. His bag could very well make me a bag hoarder to rival my shoe collection. This is just SICK! I WANT ONE!

I’m usually not so gaga over bags but this will make me a believer to start a collection in that direction as well. It’s so cute, stylish and girlish at the same time. How adorable is that?

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If Legs Could Talk. Obama Admires Michelle’s Legs

I love this picture of Obama admiring his wife’s legs after so many years of marriage. The flame is still there. So admirable. If only legs could talk what do you think it would say?

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Trayvon Martin Rally Aftermath: Rally On Union Sq Is Now Banned!

The plot thickens!

Yes you heard that right. New York Park authorities have put down their foot after the commotion that took place on Union Square, NYC at the Trayvon Martin’s Million Hoodie March. They wasted no time in putting up the sign below just a few hours ago!

I wonder what Gandhi whose statue stands nearby would make of this, he after all was responsible for a lot of freedom movement in India among many other things. Historically, Union Square has always been the “home” of impromptu protest and rallying for decades. Shall we read the fine print? It doesn’t say anything about political rally though. Rally for justice is not a commercial venture. So should the likes of Trayvon Martin’s march count? Do people need to pay/buy permit to sing the praises of President Obama’s re-election should he succeed come November like revelers once did almost 4 years ago when he was elected, shocking the nation as its first man of color to lead the country? Is that a commercial venture? The sign also includes many things that New Yorker’s used to love doing on the park such as rollerblading, sitting and eating on the park, bicycling, Heck! get on a skateboard anymore! Just take a look at some of the crossed out diagrams below the sign! Hmm…so much for freedom of speech, “free country.”

Gandhi will be turning in his grave now.

Gandhi's statue on Union Square




Farther below is the video footage of the rally that prompted the ban.

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Tragically Gunned Down Trayvon Martin’s Parent Joined A Rally On Union Square

It was only 2 days ago that I was on Union Square to witness “Occupy Wall Street” movement (who were now eclipsed on the square) but today it was the public rally for Trayvon Martin, an underage teenage boy brutally gunned down in Florida. His parents came to join the rally and partake in what would have been a “march” in the boy’s honor for justice. Well… I will let you watch the video footage below and procure the images featured here to figure out what went down for yourselves.

RIP Trayvor


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One Of The Sexiest Shoes On The Planet!

OMG! I almost died when I opened a package sent to me by one of the most talented shoe designers in the world! An exclusively designed color combo of his trademark leg heels in gold with the lipstick red peep toe pumps. Ladies and gentlemen, you will be hearing about this guy’s name worldwide pretty soon, mark my words. I am proud to introduce my very first DUKAS pumps. I have never seen anything quite like it before. I am on cloud nine! I want to do nothing but stare at it all day! This is art!

Expect to read a lot more about his company in the upcoming summer (July-Sept 2012) print issue of Shoeholics Magazine

There is no better way to officially celebrate the arrival of the first day of Spring. Mr.Dukas, Greek gods have nothing on you! OMG! I am in LOVE! Shoegasm…YES! YES! YES!….Flat lined…

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Occupy Wall Street Is Now Occupy Union Square!

Downtown can breath easier now that the movement has shifted uptown to New York University region, Union Square. It’s almost like watching an old movie seeing hippies protesting against the government’s invasion of Vietnam. People camped outside on the park exercised their freedom of speech vocally and by signage. Some took the liberty of bringing in food and water to the protesters. I have never seen anything quite like it before. Of course, there were many of New York’s Finest (NYPD) patrolling the area making sure nothing was out of the ordinary. God forbid it broke out and resulted into major looting of stores! Shoemania store is right across the park! Need I say more?

Union Square is home to a lot of major brands targeting student dollars in the neighborhood among many other things. So where next is “Occupy Wall Street” going to go? Park Avenue perhaps? Now that will get a lot of Chanel clad old monies dialing the Mayor within a hot NY minute!


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Men In Skirts. What’s Not To Like?

The 251st anniversary St. Patrick’s Day in NYC was more than I had expected. If I wasn’t in love with tartans before now I am even more head over heels in love with them. It was nice to see many ladies hold their own in many shades of kilts, wearing them just as good as their male counterparts as equal members of the pipe bands. I was told most of the men were actually cops in “skirts”! It made this parade even more special. All branches of the states services where in uniforms or the traditional Irish attires to mark the special day, NYPD, FDNY, DSNY and all the other initals. It certainly was not a place for anyone to try to misbehave. It would only be a matter of seconds to end up fully booked in a police precinct. The parade had no shortage of high security. Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Chuck Schumer and NBC newsman Brian Williams made a pit stop to join the parade.

In keeping with the festivities, I showed up wearing green floral flip flops, top and jeans but completed the all green look with an orange leather handbag echoing the Irish flag of green and orange. Call it being a “Black Irish” for one day.

Do you think it was too much? Nah, I don’t think so. What other day could I dress like that in the city and get away with it?! 🙂

Below is a video footage I put together and images of some of the memorable moment, the fashion angle of the parade can be seen at SHOEHOLICS CLUB.

Now if only I could wear a kilt like that…

Me in full green with one of my favorite kilt in the parade. I love the red one 😉

NBC newsman Brian Williams

Pre-independence American Soldiers (British Soldiers)

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St. Patrick’s Day “Uniform” When Green Is King

Tomorrow is the parade in NYC. The only day I can get away with wearing all shades of green at a go and look stylish. I am thinking of wearing the green rubber flip flops to the parade and Christian Louboutin lace or sequin pumps to a dinner party in the evening. Perhaps with the same dress I wore on the back cover of THE SHOEHOLIC book where I also spotted the lace green pumps. I think I can blend in and declare myself a Black Irish lady even if just for one day. 😉

What do you think?


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Spring Cleaning The Shoe Closet!

Well, the secret is out. The images featured here are sections of my shoe closet described in THE SHOEHOLIC book you have all now managed to helped turn into an international bestseller. (Thank you all so much for that)

Some of you also know the meaning of the shoes still in their original boxes. The juicy detail is in the book 😉

The problem is how to get rid of about 30-40 pairs of shoes taking up space for no particular reason! 4 pairs were claimed by friends last week already, more to go. It’s a long process I wrote about in the book. Some of you already know what’s coming next *wink*.

Out with the old, in with the new. Spring cleaning is a must! Being a self proclaimed “Shoeholic” is no excuse to be a hoarder (unless of course it’s a Louboutin, Lorenzi, Zanotti and the likes). Less is more! LOL!

Now where do I begin? Hmm…pondering…

It was also featured in the book’s video trailer playing below 😉




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