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Pregnant Woman Caught Smoking

I am certain that just about everyone on the planet knows that smoking could or is in fact bad for pregnant women. Apparently not all women got the memo of this heavily campaigned bad habit.



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A Vegetarian Pride Day? Yes, It Exist!

May 27, 2012: Gays have parades, Puerto Ricans have parades, Carribeans have parades, Irish have parades and let’s not forget the Africans either. So why not Vegetarians? Well, as you can imagine, this is New York City where anything goes. I witnessed for the first time, a Veggie Pride Parade which marched from the Meatpacking District before concluding and settling down on Union Square Park, organized by the Viva Vegie Society. This took place during the Memorial Day holiday weekend when the city empties out to the Hamptons with people in search of serenity on sandy beaches.

I myself, as a newly minted vegetarian going on one year now (if you don’t count my occasional fish consumption once in a blue moon, which I am looking to give up next) I was more than eager to listen to what the guest speaker had to say. I actually learned something new, things like eating right and supplementing some products to gain the necessary nutrition for my body. The event had insightful vendors present to further educate people on diet and raised animal cruelty awareness using disturbing, heart wrenching images of maltreated animals that would make any red blooded humans to think twice before eating meat next time.

Obviously it wasn’t a mass appeal event, so it wasn’t crowded. I was able to hear them speak and took my time in collecting pamphlets and networked with other vegetarians present.


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Will Smith Smacks A Reporter For Kissing Him

Actor Will Smith of Men In Black smacked a Ukrainian reporter during a world tour for the 3rd installment of the MIB franchise. See the video footage

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Boy Wants Girl So Bad! Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

A budding man who won’t take “No” for an answer. The boy just won’t let up. Can you blame him? Talk about persistence! So adorable 🙂
See the video footage below.

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My First Billbard Ad On Times Square

I am extremely nervous and excited at the same time. A weird mix but thrilled nonetheless even if this might be the only time I can do this. I hope to be able to do many more. Oh well…time will tell. (Amen)

Without further ado my dear friends, I present my first billboard ad for Shoeholics Magazine on Times Square! What is that saying? “Adapt or die?” Whew!


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My Very First Espadrilles! OMG!

It’s official, Summer is definitely here! I finally caved and added an espadrille to my shoe collection. This would also be my very first pair of shoes by Bebe! Can you imagine that? I can’t even imagine what took me this long to own an espadrille much less from which brand. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would own a pair from the chain store. I own some of their comfortable everyday clothing for street wear but none of their shoes. It’s not just any espadrilles, it’s a particular pair featuring multicolored beads on vegan leather. Since my skin is brown, the colorful beads stand out as I walk. I love it!

However there is only one downside to this “vegan” leather. It has a potent rubber smell or that distinctive, unmistakeable factory smell that I now have to spend days airing out with hot steamy shower! What was I expecting for $129? I guess I have to suck it up and just enjoy my purchase. Not sure if the picture does it justice. Good things still come in small packages 😉

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