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Michael Jackson’s Brothers At The Apollo Theater, 2012

The Jacksons Unity Tour Summer 2012 – United States & Canada – Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson & Marlon Jackson.:

First let me start off by apologizing for the poor quality of the photos below. The Apollo theater has a strict policy on “no photography” meaning no whipping out of large professional SLR cameras like my Canon. So I had to settle for the poor resolution of my camera phone. Nevertheless, it got some job done. Camera or not, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I would rather be no place else!

So let’s talk about these dynamite brothers, The Jacksons 5 which since the demise of the great iconic Michael, their brother, now call themselves “The Jacksons.” They brought the sold out house down! This would mark their first tour together in years, returning to their birthplace on stage, The Apollo Theater, since their brother’s passing.

The dance moves of Marlon (and all the others for that matter) brought to mind a lot of Michael’s iconic moves. He even went on to tease the crowd to sing back a couple of Michael’s iconic melodies in honor of his late brother. After a couple of hot dance moves and bringing the crowd to their feet to jam to some old classics, they brought tears to a lot of people’s eyes, including myself, when they sang tribute songs to Michael culminating with “when we see you again” while playing in the background a video montage of home pictures of the entire family ending it on Michael. Then once again it was on to the dance numbers. With the way there were moving, it was hard to believe they are all well over mid 50s! So, all you poptarts out there, the originals are back. Move over!

I couldn't resist touching the iconic "good luck" wood at the Apollo!



Just outside the theater, couldn't resist the Marquee either. It was a FANTASTIC show!


Jacksons set list at The Apollo
• Can You Feel It
• Blame It on the Boogie
• Wanna Be Where You Are
• Rock With You
• Show You the Way to Go
• Lovely One
• We’re Here To Entertain You
• Good Times
• Looking Through The Window
• Time Waits for No One
• Heaven Knows I Love You Girl
• Push Me Away
• Man of War
• Gone Too Soon
• I Want You Back
• The Love You Save
• Never Can Say Goodbye
• All I Do Is Think Of You
• I’ll Be There
• Dynamite
• Let’s Get Serious
• Do What You Do
• Can’t Let Her Get Away
• This Place Hotel
• Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
• Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

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Mind Over Madness: Doing Yoga On Times Square!

Solstice in Times Square: Athleta Mind Over Madness Yoga
Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Broadway between 42nd and 47th Streets

Anyone can find tranquility on top of a mountain. Can you find it in the middle of Times Square?
Attendees were challenged to find tranquility and transcendence in the midst of the world’s most commercial and frenetic place, Times Square. Thousands of yoga enthusiasts celebrated the longest day of the year (June 20th) with an all day FREE outdoor yoga classes. Participants will received a Solstice gift bag and Athleta provided free Manduka yoga mats. In between classes, participant enjoyed an Athleta Fashion show and music from Prasanna. The heat was somehow bearable but the determined participants didn’t let that bother them amidst the crazy traffic in the city -a true mad over madness in Times Square! What a fantastic way to start the sweltering summer! I hope you like the pictures! As usual, all rights reserved 🙂

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Fashion: That’s It! I’m Moving To Zara!

All Leopard up in Zara

Why on earth did it take me this long to “discover” the many cool sides of Zara brand? The main store is only a few blocks from my doorstep and yet I have never set foot in it until a few days ago when this lovely cute as a button dress perched in the window literally drew me in with its “voodoo” flowers. OMG! I was sold! The dress does make a bad girl look good.

The next thing I knew I was making out like a bandit with many brown bags stuffed with their frocks….and the SHOES, I had to find in my size from 4 different stores! Talk about desperate!

I could only imagine the many cool stuff I had missed already. For years I had feared their quality of clothing would be like H&M (no offense).

The floral dress that got me hooked!

Call me silly, but I now visit the store twice a week for new findings! Oh dear oh dear…..what took me so long 🙁

Want more? Click here to see other styling options.

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A cool vest I will rock with my Chanel pearl necklace. Breezy

The fringe dress, got this too!

I love it so much I bought it 2 different colors!

Leather jacket

Zara shoes! A first for me!


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My Future Goal: Flexibility

I want to be just like these lovely golden dames when I grow up. I have absolutely no excuse.


And by year 2013 I want to be able to do this. No that’s not a snake, it’s a very bendy WOMAN! Is that too much to ask? Now pass me the butter!

A bendy model in Shoeholics Magazine

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I Walked 25 Blocks In 6-Inch Heels!

On Times Square with the Naked Cowboy on Sunday

Let me start by asking how was your weekend? I hope it went well with lots of merriment with your friends and families. I for one did something a little different. After a fun filled Saturday night bowling with my friend Heather and 20+ others who was celebrating her birthday, on Sunday I opted for a girlfriend night out, party of 2, with my friend Deborah. We holed at B.B. King on 42nd Street taking in the Latin Jazz vibes of legendary sax man Gato Barbieri. The 80+ year-old man still has the magic touch. Afterwards, we twirled our way uptown some 25 blocks up in staggering 6-inch heels but not without making a pit stop to say “hello” to the infamous tourist attraction “Naked Cowboy” on Times Square!

Out bowling with my friend Heather

Out bowling with my friend Heather on Saturday

My friend Deborah at B.B. King on Sunday

Why did we walk in these super high heels? Well, they have been sitting in my closet since I acquired them in London in January and I thought what better way to test out and break in a brand new pair of shoes! Figured if it didn’t pinch/hurt my feet in the shoes then it definitely would be the one to wear to the upcoming Gay Pride Parade on June 24 this coming Sunday where I intend to lead the group for SHOEHOLICS MAGAZINEin support of their cause. The magazine’s group will strut down 5th Avenue in style! So yes! I have broken in my shoes and I intend to walk in the parade in these golden glory of heels! My o my, I can’t wait!

All of the 6 inches!

Do you feel like joining the magazine? Please don’t be shy. For more details on that please see the post on FACEBOOK about it. Email if interested. The more the merrier! 🙂

Gay Pride Parade, NYC

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Biggest Barbecue Block Party EVER!

The other day Vegetarians had a more subtle parade in the city and now the meat eaters had their day just this weekend at what would be the 10th anniversary 2-day barbecue fair. Let’s just say that they do things a little bit more…hmm…dear I say…BIGGER compared to the vegetarians.

Barbecue grills and smokers were brought from far and wide, including cowboys from Texas, southern gentlemen from states like Alabama, Omaha and the likes turned the petite patch green land of Madison Square Park on 23rd street into a smoke and grilling yard with flames ablaze. It looked like 4th of July in Texas. Rain or shine, eager and hungry patrons snaked around in long lines waiting for their turn to get served. They all said it was worth the wait and even went back for some more. The park smelt really good I must admit and the fun fare was accompanied by a security controlled beer garden area where ID check was mandatory for the liquor contents being served, free soft drink giveaways by Zico and Cocacola, picnic blankets all around and live concert of country and R&B tunes. And before I forget, there was at least one tent grilling prawns for seafood lovers. So, no one was left out of the big block party celebration 🙂

As always, all photos by me of course. I hope you like my style of photography. Bon appetite 🙂

A very happy cleaning crew

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Taxi Accident Leaves A Pregnant Lady Shaken In NYC

I was on my way to see the horror alien flick, Prometheus when suddenly a taxi came screeching off the road and onto the sidewalk, just across the movie theater near Union Square. The Cosi eatery was hit and so was a 4 month pregnant lady who was terribly shaken – an example of classic New York City car accident. People rushed to her aid while some of us with recording devices recorded the scene as well as the car’s plate number just in case it was a hit and run incident, similar to the one that took the life of a 21 year-old girl just a block away from the same location a few weeks ago. Seems like everybody these days should know what to do if injured like this and asking ourselves: how much is my case worth?, – you just never know.

I really hope the mother and the baby are doing fine. An ambulance was on its way before I departed the scene. Please feel free to share this information and video. I personally do not remember seeing the driver there. God help us all.

Preview the video footage and images below.

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Hare Krishna Festival In NYC

New York City, a city of melting pot of cultures from around the world, it opened 5th Avenue for a day of Hare Krishna festivities where people of all ages, races and cultures donned on traditional Indian attires, saris to dance and rejoice. Anyone could have easily mistaken the big apple for Calcutta in India. I had stumbled into the parade while on my way to view the meat/barbecue fair going on just a few blocks away despite being a vegetarian. As faith would have it, I was soon drown to the colorful crowd by the exotic rhythmic drums, their excitement and merriment was contagious. Instantly I thought of my 5 saris I had acquired during my visit to India a few years ago. I thought to myself this would have been a perfect place to wear it. Perhaps next year now that I know of such a parade.

That's me in a Sari in India

You’ve got to love New York City, anything goes here. I actually enjoyed filming and taking loads of pictures while wiggling my hips here and there to the rhythm and humming the Hare Krishna chant. I had a blast!

Please preview the video footage below and take in some of the colorful pictures from the festivities further below the video. I hope you like my style of photography. Namaste 🙂


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Fashion: The Most Affordable “Couture” Heelless Shoes!

My personal total count is now at 3 with the latest being the most affordable that will get the most wear since the others are more like collectibles to be placed on mantles. Well…that is just a dream. I intend to wear them all!

Many fashionistas thought the heelless would come and go but that is not appearing to be the case. Each season major brand names like Alexander McQueen and Giuseppe Zanotti keep coming up with newer and revised versions of their previous heelless collection. Case in point, Giuseppe Zanotti just unleashed a new series of beaded, exotic and crystal studded version, different from the teaser plain gold leather version he first showcased last year, which I couldn’t help myself but to get one. For the Fall season, he went further with the show stopping, megawatt heavy duty crystals that left jaws wide open earlier on this year. Top retailers are jumping in on the action such as Zappos offering the casual wooden platform version for everyday wear, Neiman Marcus selling the plain suede versions in black and red colors, and international couture online retailer Farfatch offering up a genuine snakeskin python design.

So, what’s not to like? The market has every styles and price range. I for one recently bought a pair by Privileges for only $70 bucks! I had never heard of the designer before until yesterday when I spotted it in a store’s window in SOHO. Just seconds after paying for it another lady in my size came in asking for it but was told I had just bought the last size 10. Wow! Talk about luck.

Rihanna (image shown below) wore hers with socks to her 24th birthday party. Not exactly my preferred way of wearing it tough. Socks with open toes? Hmm…this killed it for me 🙁

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Protected: Gusty’s 75th Birthday

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