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“Window Shopping” & Then…BOOM! Shoes Happened!

Another day in the city, fully determined to keep my feet in my Dior red patent leather shoes and what do I see? I just had to “test out” the fabulous pair by Giuseppe Zanotti from their flagship store on Madison Avenue in NYC. The shoes would look good with a nice solid color tailored skirt or dress to allow them to shine on their own. They do make the legs longer and feet super cute! I am in love!

What’s a girl to do with all these sales going on in the city? So much to see and wear!

Ok, ok let me be generous. Call the Giuseppe Zanotti store 212 650 0455, tell them you want the shoe you saw on TINU. They will know the exact one. They have VERY few left. Good luck~! 🙂

Want more? Click here to see other styling options.

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The look of the day before seeing the shoes at Zanotti


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The HOTTEST Summer Shoe Design By Jimmy Choo

I am almost afraid to wear these out of the house. Too good, too precious for the streets! 🙂

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Daphne Guinness In Heelless Wonders

If you have ever doubted your ability to rock one of the most innovative footwear trend, the heelless shoes then let the couture maven Daphne Guinness convince you with these jaw dropping artistry. She takes no prisoners when it comes to fashion and she does it very well. See what I myself unearthed a few weeks ago.


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Minna Parikka: Queen of Whimsical Shoes!

I am now a proud owner of 2 pairs of some of the most whimsical ballerina flats in the market right now. The Finnish designer, Minna Parikka made a pit stop in New York City on her way to the Caribbean from Finland just to deliver these lovely colorful and playful ballerina pairs to MOI! What a surprise! I honestly didn’t see it coming and this would be my very first time meeting the talented designer in person! I must say, it feels good to be appreciated, no matter the size of the gesture, every little thing counts. Thank you so much Minna!

Shoeholics Magazine featured her shoes in the summer print edition (pages shown below), now in stores and this was her way of saying thank you! And to think she wasn’t even the only designer featured! How cool was that? The generosity is so unparalleled! I promise to use them in good health and spirit!

Please my dear friends, check out the brand’s online store to see many other colors of these gorgeous flats! They are so adorable!

The image farther below are pages in Shoeholics Magazine of her designs featured in the fantasy “Dinning Out” story.

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4th of July: A Divided Territory For The Haves & Have Not!

Gone are the days when revelers eager to celebrate the birthday of America with picnic chairs and hampers sat along the coastal fronts of the Hudson River in New York City. I was rather sick to see it fast becoming a commercial monopoly where the uber rich individuals and mega corporations like Macy’s bride their way into the city pockets by pushing back tax payers to the streets while they set up fancy tents and white chairs on the coastal fronts for prime view of the fireworks! Whatever happened to when this used to be fun FOR THE MASSES? A time when families gathered themselves to take in the event on grass lawns along the edge of the water. Now moneyed and well connected denizens take out permits from the city to lock out an entire area of public park all to themselves while utilizing city cops to hold off “trespassers.”

The only area mere mortals where allowed to sit and watch the fireworks –on the highway!

If I wasn’t a fan of Macy’s before, now I am even more turned off from the brand/store all together because they were the ring leader of this fiasco that made seeing the fireworks a nightmare. It didn’t matter if you got there 8 hours to show start. You were told to move and redirected to a far away “nose bleed” area if you could not come up with a Macy’s issued tickets! So much for 4th of July being for the people. It’s now a corporate commercial monopoly game! What’s next? Bergdorf, Saks, Barneys to set up exclusive invite only firework shop along the coastal lines too? Sigh…

Heavily guarded area for VIPs by the waterfront, prime view of the fireworks

Needless to say, while on my way out, forgoing the fireworks altogether, I couldn’t resist capturing some of the memorable images of mere mortals less connected than the VIPS on the coastal lines. They camped out there, slept & ate there, networked with each other to while away the time. All races, religion and age brackets…waited eagerly for hours in the scotching heat of 90 degree plus!

Well, I hope you like the images. As usual folks, all rights reserved 🙂

A public park by the water closed for a "private party" coming much later to see the fireworks

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