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Video: An Insanely Hilarious Ad Campaign By Old Spice.

If you are already familiar with Old Spice’s usually outrageously funny ad campaigns, then you’re in for a special ride in the featured video below. Just when I thought I had seen the featured actor’s acting range when it comes to comedy, out comes this creative video. Let me shut up now, watch and see for yourself. He is too much! LOL!

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

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Will You Pay $290 For A Paper Bag As A Clutch?

Designer Jill Sander wants you to pay $290 for brown paper bags now being promoted as a clutch for men/women. Ok, fashion comes at a cost, especially if it’s artistic and creative. I probably won’t mind spending insane amount of money on some of the most hideous shoe designs out there, but brown paper bags as a clutch for $290? Are designers running out of ideas?

Word is the Jill Sander stores can’t keep them in stock and people are lining up to buy them! Lunch brown bagging just got more expensive! Doggie bag anyone?

Hmm…let me ponder on this one a little longer.

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Shoeholics Magazine Making Waves In Europe!

My publication, Shoeholics Magazine is now available at the International Magazine Store (IMS) chains in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, including their airports. Switzerland will start in October with our holiday and 4th issue. More international locations are coming soon. We could not have done any of these without the continued loyal support of our members worldwide.

Featured photo as seen in Breda, The Netherlands.

Please be sure to pick up a copy! Show some love! 🙂

Featured photo as seen in Hamburg, Germany.

Got a product/company you want advertised? Contact for a media kit.

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Fashion: Seeing Red & Leopards

Feeling me some red today…of course with a small dose of the wild side using leopard top by Zara and red bottoms by Plein Sud, bag by Delvaux, shoes of course in red and leopard patterns.

It is the month of the Leo. So why not? 🙂

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At 75, The Oldest bodybuilder In The World!

Ernestine Shepherd at 75 currently holds the Guinness World Record as the oldest bodybuilder in the world! She started working out at 71. This officially puts a lot of young women to shame, including myself. Ernestine Shepherd’s washboard, 6 pack stomach makes mine look obese. The video footage below holds the evidence. I dare not stand next to this woman in a bathing suit. I want to be like her when I grow up. It’s high time I took up a gym membership somewhere. I want her stomach! Not kidding!

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Lingerie Modeling: Now & Then

It’s not everyday one gets to model in lingerie, so here is me in my favorite red ensemble for a project.

Further below are some of my modeling work a few years ago. If only I could look like this everyday!

These days, I prefer to be behind the lens shooting other people. 🙂

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Fashion: The Power of The “Sea”

I have been having a “weird” share of luck week, so I opted for white/blue color theme to cheer me up a bit. Trying for a feeling of being by the “sea” if you know what I mean. It was mentally and psychologically calming, I guess it worked, even if for a little while! Turquoise color does wonders to the mind.

The turquoise color leather shoes are by Casadei from a couple of years ago. Vintage diamond and semi precious stone brooch on white turban, top by Escada, Raven Denim jeans, bag by Charm & Luck also from a few years ago, and belt by the master of blinged up accessories, B.B. Simon of course. And with a touch of lime green scarf pictured further below while playing around my a jumbo “Chanel” bag.

Just another day of the week in the city.

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FINALLY! Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas Speaks Out About Her Hair

16-year-old Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas finally talks about the infamous hair situation on Huffington Post. When the world should have been using her groundbreaking achievements to celebrate and courage other youths that will follow her, they were busy playing the fashion police using Gabby as the scapegoat.

For years we have endured how the media “dictates” the ideal  body weight/size of girls via fashion runways, this causing several of them to have dietary issues and low self esteem as we know it today. Now you can add vanity to that list, especially while busy sweating and upside during a work out! What image are we laying down for budding teenage girls in Gabby’s age group and below? You can expect every pre-teen girls around the world will be more conscious of their appearance than Kate Middleton is of her make up on royal duty photo op.

This is only the beginning.

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Queen Elizabeth: How About Honorary Knighthood For Mr. Phelps?

I get some of my best ideas while in the shower. So I came up with this one. England should award MICHAEL PHELPS an HONORARY KNIGHTHOOD for his achievements as the most decorated Olympian on the planet to date, and for the fact that he broke several Olympic records on their soil. This is after all his last one. Yes, UK does give these kind of awards to non citizens.

If you agree, sound off, let’s get this message viral to make it to the Queen’s desk! Hear! Hear!

PS: New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has honorary knighthood from the Queen and he is American. So I don’t see why not Phelps. Just saying.

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New York City: Endless Creativity

New York City is a place with endless creative energy. Photoshoots take place on the streets almost everyday. Just last week a major fashion advertisement campaign was being shoot right on the streets of Madison Avenue in between traffic lights/on coming cars. Then I stumbled into this one yesterday with the model in a Betsey Johnson platform shoes. These are showroom samples hence the reason for the tape on the sole. Trust me to spot that one from miles away!

Then you have Andre J, a guy who makes no bones about publicly declaring his fashion statement or showing off his feminine side out and about in NY.

You’ve just got to love New York City, there’s never a dull moment.

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