Harry Belafonte Grand Marshalls The Gay Pride

June 30, 2013 Gay Pride was anything but boring. The legendary Harry Belafonte grand marshalled the event along side Edie Windsor. Also present were political figures such as Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Chuck Schumer, Christie Quinn, Governor Cuomo who helped herald same sex marriage in New York State and Weiner made a pit stop as well. Couples who have been together for ages came out to celebrate. Some came with their young children in tow. The colorful affair was threatened by rain but that didn’t faze the die hard New Yorkers who had spent months in preparation. I certainly am looking forward to New Year already! God willing! 🙂

The pictures below says it all. To see an enlarged version, just click on the image, but remember, all rights reserved. Enjoy! :)

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Senator Chuck Schumer

Yours truly, me with Laura Martinez from Mexico

Mayor Bloomberg

Governor Andrew Cuomo

Edie Windsor

Harry Belafonte


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