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SAG Awards Fashion: Side Cleavage, Thighs, Gowns & All

The SAG Awards is an event where Hollywood elite actors honor their own. Actors dazzled and sizzled as expected and I even got to feel a little jealous of the elegant Teyonah Parris for taming that natural hair and making it look so easy. I just permed mine a few weeks ago after a 4-year hiatus from the creamy crack.

Michelle Mockery of Downtown Abbey double dared the fashion police with the side-breast-showing dress. Forget showing the boobies from the top (as in a cleavage). How about from the side?

Kiernan Shipka looked so cute and age appropriate in her dress. She even dabbled in the waters of a true Shoeholic style, no doubt in a hurry to start wearing heels that high!

I love the lizard hair jewelry detail on Morena Baccarin’s hair at the awards. That’s a look I would love to borrow from very soon.

Just about everyone looked elegant and timeless. Congrats to all the winners! 🙂

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Morena Baccarin

Teyonah Parris

Michelle Mockery

Lea Michele

Amanda Siegfred

Maria Menounos

Marion Cottilard


Kiernan Shipka

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American Idol: Playing The Race Card or Not?

Source: Huffington Post.

Nine black, former “American Idol” contestants have reportedly accused the Fox series of racism and are planning to sue.

TMZ obtained a letter submitted to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by New York attorney James Freeman, requesting permission to sue Fox and the show on behalf of his nine clients. In the letter, Freeman claims there is a racist pattern in the “Idol” disqualification process.

Freeman alleges that only nine “Idol” contestants had been publicly disqualified since the show debuted in 2002, and all happened to be black. He claims the show enacted a “cruel and inhumane” scheme, which included background checks and arrest inquiries, to humiliate the contestants on live TV and perpetuate “destructive stereotypes” that made his clients appear to be “violent criminals, liars and sexual deviants.”

Nigel Lythgoe, producer of “American Idol,” told TMZ he was “shocked” by the “ridiculous” allegations.

Visit TMZ’s site for the full list of disqualified contestants and more details on the lawsuit.

Although seven of the nine contestants were booted due to legal issues, two were not. Chris Golightly (Season 9) was disqualified when “Idol” learned he had an existing contract with a boy band, Billboard reported. And Ju’Not Joyner (Season 8) was not publicly disqualified, according to Zap2It, though he never advanced past the semifinals.

As for whether or not any non-black contestants were publicly disqualified, Zap2It cites Delano Cagnolatti (Season 1) and Joanna Pacitti (Season 8), who were both dismissed on air.

“American Idol,” which has crowned three black winners in its history, has been accused of racial biases several times. When Phillip Phillips beat Jessica Sanchez to win the Season 11 cycle, the show was accused of being racist. In November 2012, judge Nicki Minaj had a spat with rocker and co-judge Steven Tyler and accused him of making a racist comment about her judging qualifications.


So, my dear friends. Do you think this is a classic case of race card playing or genuine claims?

Hmmm….the jury is still out on this one.

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Fashionable Sightings At The Presidential Inauguration

Vice President Joe Biden and wife Jill Biden

The day the 44th President of USA, Barack Obama was sworn in to serve his second term could have easily passed for a fashion show preview in Paris. Jill Biden’s (Vice President’s wife) coat was my favorite of all. I am now on the hunt to find out who designed the gorgeous single bow accent coat. So chic, timeless and ladylike.

Malia and Sasha (President Obama’s daughters) have grown so much within 4 years right before our eyes. They are now young looking ladies with impeccable manners and cool fashion sense.

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden held their own too. Other notables were Beyonce, Katy Perry, Tyson Beckford…


President Obama steps out of "The Beast". That's some car thick!

Model Tyson Beckford at the inaugural ball

Heavily insulated die hard supporters in the crowd

Supporters in the crowd. Notice their crystal encrusted tops!

Jay Z and Beyonce

Sasha, Malia and First Lady Michelle Obama

President Obama with Vice President Joe Biden

Katy Perry with John Mayor


A priceless image of the Obamas at the inauguration ball

At the inauguration ball later in the day

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The Presidential Inauguration Event

McCain lost to Obama in 2008 and still showed solidarity/respect by attending the inauguration. The sore loser Romney was a no show today. And hearing the anthem being sang at the event made me realize just how much I miss Whitney Houston’s mind blowing version at the super bowl a few years ago. Congrats to Obama. Gods speed.

In case you missed the President Obama’s 2013 inauguration this morning, here’s your chance to catch up. Watch the video footage below. 🙂

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The Obamas at the inauguration


Malia and Sasha: then (2008) & now. The girls have grown so much!


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Beyonce Mimics Michael Jackson

The pictures says it all. 🙂

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Shoes To Die For –Literally!

Dare I say this. EVERY shoe collector needs to own at least one pair of Lady Gaga inspired shoes! If not for strutting about town, at least to put on a pedestal and just admire like you would any painting. I was at the Giuseppe Zanotti flagship store in New York City today grinning sheepishly ear to ear when I spotted these God given creation! To my surprise, they are actually comfortable and light on the feet.

Oh my, oh my, God is good 🙂

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Just A Jacket No Coat

Look of the day: It’s winter, a great time to wear thick herringbone jackets and wool fabric boots. To save the day, I matched it with opera length gloves to keep my hands and arms warm. Opera length gloves can be worn with short sleeve jacket or coats and not necessarily with cape coats. Dare I say, the boots featured farther below are super warm! It keeps the body warm from the toes up, making it absolutely unnecessary to wear a coat. A very odd discovery I must admit.

Of course, I tried something new by strategically placing cute little bubble bee and butterfly brooches on my boots. Since it the exterior is made of thick wool fabric, it won’t damage the leather on the inside.

I hope you like the look.

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Mobile Stores: A Fast Growing Trend!

Who would have thought that the concept of selling fast food out of mobile kitchens would transfer to the fashion world. Shortly before doing the piece on Mobile Soles, (after advising her to paint the truck bright pink to stand out more) for Shoeholics magazine  Jan-Mar 2013 print edition, I came across StyleLiner who focuses on trendy accessories and recently stumbled into Celebrities Boutiques!

Can we predict the likes of uber luxury brands jumping in on this fast growing trend anytime soon? Can you just imagine seeing a mobile truck near Central Park or Times Square with the big trademark signs of Louis Vuitton or Chanel? Hey, you never know. Advancing in any kind of business today is about staying with the trend or be left out. Just remember that I told you so. 🙂

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The StyleLiner

Celebrities Boutiques


Mobile Soles

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An Unflattering Painting of Kate Middleton











Yeap, that’s the first official royal portrait of Kate Middleton. Critics worldwide are panning it. She does appear rather older than her age (31) with dark rings under her eyes, e.t.c. This is not the usual glamourous kate people see in photos.

Why are they in a hurry to age this girl beyond her years –so fast? Since she joined “The Firm” she’s always looking so matronly and “eager” to please during official visits, forced to say how thrilled she was about the portrait when she really isn’t. That must be one hell of a fish bowl to be in, no pressure there.

I don’t know any woman that would like this painting of herself, no one should be made to look older in a portrait unless in character for a movie role in Hollywood.

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Beyonce Barely Covers GQ Magazine

Beyonce barely covers GQ magazine. I have to say I almost didn’t recognize her. I thought she was more of a Vogue magazine cover girl, conservative, etc. I didn’t see this one coming. I suppose she’s trying to remind her fans that she’s still got it after becoming a mother to Blue Ivy. In the fast paced world of music & Hollywood where younger singers (and up & coming actresses) like Rihanna and Taylor Swift are dominating the market, she’s has to reinvent herself or risk becoming irrelevant. That is show business for you!

What can I say, you only live life once and young once in life.

Get that money Bey! 🙂

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