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Pregnant Woman Manhandled By Security Guards

This brings a whole new meaning to “eye witness news”. Century 21, the mega outlet store where tourists flock to the moment they arrive in New York City lent itself to a different kind of shopping experience today. I frequent the near Ground Zero store location at least every other month to check out the designer shoe section. Today was particularly different. I was in the right place but at the wrong time. I witnessed what would be the roughest and most inhumane shoplifting arrest I have ever seen.

While browsing the shoe racks, I overheard a woman screaming and rumblings occurring at the same time at the aisle adjacent to where I was standing. At first I thought the wall of shoes might have fallen on the woman. Without hesitation, I dropped the shoe I was observing to run to her aide. I was shocked by what was happening right before my eyes. An African American woman was being seriously manhandled on the floor by 3-4 burly men who were busy tying her down with a cable wire while she screamed out loud that she’s pregnant! One of the men shouted back, “Oh yeah! Are you now shopping for baby clothes?” The other guys roughly grabbed her from the floor where she had fallen to bring her up to her feet. I could have sworn it was a scene out of a movie.

When she stood up, low and behold, the woman was indeed HEAVILY pregnant! They claimed she had stolen something. But how on earth could that be if she was still in the store?! I even overheard 4 of the store’s sales representative gossiping this fact shortly after the poor woman was hauled off by the security guards as if she had been caught in a multimillion dollar jewelry heist. The sales reps went on to say that the store might be hit with a lawsuit by the women if she never in fact took anything, especially not while still within the store!

I took pictures of the whole scene after I realized I was the only one in close proximity watching the showdown before others showed up. I wish I had set my camera to video because what I saw is really had to describe.

I hope for the love of God the baby is alright and that Century 21 does what’s right by the woman. She was clearly heavily pregnant and in no way shape or form should have been manhandled that way, not even for a $1 million worth of stolen goods.


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Nicole Kidman As Grace Kelly

I was in Monaco during Hurricane Sandy when they filmed this part of the Grace Kelly movie coming out next week. I saw Nicole Kidman playing this very part on the Casino steps in Monaco. I can’t wait to see this movie in whole when it’s released in 2014.

Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly


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Iconic Moments At The Oscars

The Oscars 2013 event concluded the awards season this year but not without leaving us with some of the best memories of the biggest night in Hollywood. Here are some of the best pictures and iconic moments at the Oscars.

Oscar in hand, clad in couture and middle finger to the pool of press. It doesn't get any better than that.

After their show-stopping Oscar performances Barbra Streisand, Adele and Shirley Bassey kick back at the Governors Ball.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence takes a tumble after winning the Best Actress award

Actress Sandra Bullock struggles with the envelope during the Oscars

Amy Adams gets a helping hand from her husband at the Oscars

Kristen Stewart arrives at the Oscars

First Lady Michelle Obama announces the Best Picture winner

Youngest Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Walli, age 9

Singer Adele, winner of the Best Original Song award

Tim Burton and actress Helena Bonham Carter arrive at the Oscars

Actress Anne Hathaway upon hearing her name as the Best Supporting Actress award winner

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Shoulder Pads At The 2013 Oscars & More

It’s no secret now that the world was hoping and praying Daniel Day Lewis will take home the golden dude, making him the first male actor to ever win 3 Oscars in a leading role! I was however shocked to hear Jennifer Lawrence beat that poor little 9 year old girl among many other luminaries such as Naomi Watts whose heartwrenching performance in the Tsunami theme movie failed her. I was disappointed at that level. I love Jennifer’s freshness and candid humor but a part of me wanted the 9 year old Quvenzhane Wallis who would have made history as the youngest ever to win an Oscar for a lead role. 🙁

Congrats to Anne Hathaway, Adele, Ben Affleck whose humble and near-tear speech moved me the most. I am still yet to see his movie Argo that took home the biggest prize for Best Picture. This is an added incentive for me to see it this week for sure.

Halle Berry

Helen Hunt

On a fashionable note: Kudos to Helen Hunt for wearing a simple and inexpensive dress by H&M  in support of a charity mission. It’s not about how much you spend on a dress but about how well you wear it! If only half of Hollywood did just that, there wouldn’t be so much pressure on trying to outdo and out borrow gowns and blings to make a mark on the red carpet.

It’s safe to say shoulder pads from the 80s are coming back with a vengeance. Halle Berry rocked a custom made Versace Dynasty inspired dress, complete with the shoulder pads at the Oscars! Jane Fonda (stunning at 75!!!) also had one in her beautiful yellow dress. Word to the wise, start digging out those Dynasty dresses from the thrift shops! They are definitely back!

Be sure to check out some of the most iconic moments at the 2013 Oscars here.

See more Oscar coverage and pictures of more actresses at Shoeholics Club.

Jane Fonda

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Ivana Trump Still HOT At 63!

You’ve gotta love a woman who’s still holding her own and sizzling at 63. Ivana Trump, famed for loving and leaving them (her younger boyfriends that is) is not letting go anytime soon. She looks very chic and summer ready on the Island of St. Barts with her younger boyfriend Marc Antonio Rota on Wednesday. She looks HOT!

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“Extreme” Looks At London Fashion Week

As seen at London Fashion Week showing the Fall 2013 collection. England has always been on the fore front of fashion evolution with the likes of McQueen and Westwood leading the way for years. But some of the looks seen below left me gasping for air. Granted fashion is art and designers must push the envelope to get the attention needed for their brand. I am speechless. Or could it be that I have gone soft? Hmm…

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See 75-Yr-Old Edgar Price Working Out!

After watching 75-year-old Edgar Price do headstands, among many other things…well….I have no excuse anymore. I definitely want to be able to do at least half of the things he is able to do when I get to be 75 also. Like all things, God willing!

This man is in the best shape of his life! My hats off to him. Watch the video footage below and see for yourself. WOW!

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Tourist Lady Reacts To Pricey Shoes

I saw this lovely tourist lady at a major department shoe store in New York on Valentine’s Day. She was bent on getting red bottom shoes because of the color for her special date. New in town from Oklahoma to check out the big city scenery. Upon seeing the bottom, she literally started crying when she saw the price tag! Obviously not used to shopping in big cities and seeing this kind of prices. I felt her pain too. I almost cried with her! I wonder what she would have done if she had seen the $6000+ price tag posted here. That would have been a sight!

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Pope Benedict XVI To Resign

Pope Benedict will be stepping down on February 28th. According to Yahoo news, the 85yr old pope said he lacked the strength to fulfill his duties. He will become the first pontiff in 600 years to resign.

The announcement sets the stage for a conclave in March to elect a new leader for world’s 1 billion Catholics. It was also gathered that Pope Benedict announced the bombshell in Latin during a meeting of Vatican cardinals, surprising even his closest collaborators, even though Benedict had made clear in the past he would step down if he became too old or infirm to do the job. He said there was no outside pressure but called his choice “a decision of great importance for the life of the church.

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Pope Benedict XVI

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Finding Nemo: A Winter Wonderland At Central Park

The snow blizzard Nemo was a blessing in disguise. I have been waiting a whole year for this opportunity to see Central Park in its glory, when it’s fully covered in thick soft white snow. The appearance could easily transform the city to rival any town in Scandinavia or the north pole. I couldn’t wait to be one of the first to set foot in the park right after the down pour of snow, when it’ still fresh and powdery. Alas! A romantic winter wonderland in New York City!

I was up and fully charged by 4am only to find other photographers out there with the same idea in mind. I felt like I was part of a community. We helped each other to find good spots and gave good tips on which part of the park to check out for the best scenery. There’s nothing like shooting in the virgin snow. The idea was to get as many pictures as possible before the general masses woke up to sledge through the snow with their dogs, cats, kids and grandmothers. The unspoilt thick snow dust covered the park beautifully. It was a sight to behold. I was in my element. This was Disney World for me as a photographer.

New York missed out on any sight of snow last year, so we had blizzard Nemo to make up for it. The snow was abundant.

Here are a few of my favorites from my photography work on Central Park. It was hard narrowing them down to these selections. If you see any image you fancy, just click on it to preview the enlarged version. As usual darling, all rights reserved. Enjoy 🙂

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