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Rain or Snow, St Paddy’s Day Parade Thrived!

Die hard St. Patrick’s Day observants from far and near gathered along the streets of chic 5th avenue to watch luminaries and dignitaries such as Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Chuck Schumer, Grand Marshall Alfred Smith IV, parade up the avenue despite the down pour of rain and sleet snow that threatened the day. The crowd, not one to be turned away by the sappy weather cheered on the bag pipes and parade participants. Uber luxury store Cartier joined in the celebration by changing the signature Cartier flags outside it’s store to that of the Irish flag, providing an excellent backdrop for wonderful imagery, which many press photographers as myself took advantage of. It would have been a good gesture for Saks located on the same avenue to have done the same, considering they have a much wider storefront on the avenue featuring many flag posts. Hopefully, someone will read this post and pass the message to the appropriate team. That’s something to think about.

The holiday falls on a Sunday (Mar. 17) so the parade had to take place on a Saturday Mar. 16, 2013. The 252nd St. Patrick’s Day Parade is the largest and oldest congregation of Irish and their generations outside of Ireland ever in the world. Younger (and young at heart) costumed revelers continued on with the celebration much later into the night with feast and drinking at just about every pub (bar) in the city.

To preview some of the fashionable sightings at the parade, visit Shoeholics Club and about Kate Middleton observing the day in a near “wardrobe malfunction” in the UK. In case you missed the coverage from last year, you can still catch up by clicking here! 🙂

If you see any image you fancy, just click on it to preview the enlarged version. As usual darling, all rights reserved :)

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Senator Chuck Schumer

The ancient Irish Brigade

Officer Steven McDonald

Yours truly

Cartier store honoring the Irish day with the flags.

Rain or snow, the parade took place just fine

Yours truly with the Arch Bishop

The parade in front of Saks store

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Butt Surgery & Injection

Vanity in the wrong place. I don’t think that I need to say too much on this matter. The images below says it all. She was spotted while attending a tradeshow in Las Vegas. These are not photoshop images, these are images taken live in the flesh!

Butt surgery/injection is dangerous. Ladies please! It’s not worth it! Share and spread the word.

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These Boots For Me? OMG!

I have been meaning to share this with my friends online but kept getting swamped with work and deadlines! Silly me, bad manners.

Italy based shoe designer, Massimo Dogana sent Shoeholics magazine about 5 pairs of shoes to be used in the Jan-Mar 2013 editorial photoshoot late summer in 2012. Of course, like all samples, they must be returned to the designers. However, he made a note for one pair to be given to me as a gift. It just so happened to be around my birthday last year as well. My heart melted when I saw the sweet note he inscribed inside the shoe box cover. I must never lose that lid! That is practically a collectible all by itself! It’s not everyday that I get a kind note from appreciative designers! I am beyond grateful for this kind gesture. I sincerely did not see this coming. In return, I surprised Massimo by placing the boots on the cover of the magazine! Let’s be honest, the boots didn’t need any of our help at the editorial desk on being selected as a cover choice. The boots practically had all of us drooling when we first laid eyes on them during the photoshoot. They’re work of art! I do not want to step on dirty streets wearing them at all. The pink bottom sole, 3-D Swarovski crystal flower accented suede boots should be in a museum mantle somewhere. Bellissimo!

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The Oscar Winner Curse

The Oscar winner curse: Fact or fiction? That remains to be seen.

How come all of these Oscar winners are now split up from their partners? Including Charlize Theron after she won for Monsters and Halle Berry for Monsters Ball. Word is Ben Affleck is hanging on to dear life with his marriage to Jennifer Garner. The Oscar curse, Hollywood pressure perhaps? Let’s pray that Anne Hathaway is immune to this and not have her newly minted marital status affected by the “curse”.  Afterall, classic iron clad old timers like Daniel Day-Lewis and Meryl Streep still have their marriages intact! God bless them.

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Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend, no longer together

Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman as of today, still married.

Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner as of today, still married.

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16-Year-Old White Girl Poses in ‘African Queen’ Editorial

Granted there are white people who come from Africa as well. But to have one painted black on top of all the prejudice in the industry? As a former model who has endured some of the insults in the industry myself, I have to say this is really an insult to all black models on the planet!

Source: Laura Beck for

Beyonce painted her face black for a picture

Here we go again. Here’s 16-year-old white model Ondria Hardin; she’s doused in a very deep bronze in an editorial for Numéro magazine called “African Queen”. Ugh. Foudre makes the excellent point/sums it up with, “why hire a black model when you could just paint a white one!”

Maybe it’s because the magazine just couldn’t find a black model? Maybe there are none, and it’s just not a profession that appeals to anyone but young, tall, skinny, white girls? They’re probably the only ones who enjoy traveling around the world and getting paid tons of money to be pretty? I know, I know, modeling is much more than that — don’t listen to me, I can barely smize! — but you get the point. It appears diversity also floundered at NYC’s fashion week this year, with over 82 percent of the models being white.

However, the same agency that represents Ondria Hardin has several black women in their pool. It’s a much (MUCH) tinier pool than the amount of white models they represent, but it does exist. And if none of those women are quite right, there are about a gazillion other places to look. There’s no excuse for using a barely 16-year-old white girl in an “African Queen” spread.

It’s impossible to look at this and not ache for young women of color who want to pursue careers in modeling (and arguably, fashion by extension). When they don’t see themselves on the runway or in magazines, it could be very easy for them to think, “huh, I guess modeling isn’t for me.” Then the status quo reigns, and the runways remain monotone. If jobs for “African Queen” photo spreads aren’t going to black women, what hope is there?

Here is what the magazine had to say as an excuse for the spread, “Some people have declared that they have been offended by the publication in Numéro magazine n°141 of March 2013, of an editorial realized by the photographer Sebastian Kim called “African Queen”, featuring the American model Ondria Hardin posing as an “African queen”, her skin painted in black.
The artistic statement of the photographer Sebastian Kim, author of this editorial, is in line with his previous photographic creations, which insist on the melting pot and the mix of cultures, the exact opposite of any skin color based discrimination. Numéro has always supported the artistic freedom of the talented photographers who work with the magazine to illustrate its pages, and has not took part in the creation process of this editorial.

For its part, Numéro Magazine, which has the utmost respect for this photographer’s creative work, firmly excludes that the latest may have had, at any moment, the intention to hurt readers’ sensitivity, whatever their origin.

Numéro Magazine considers that it has regularly demonstrated its deep attachment to the promotion of different skin-colored models. For instance, the next issue of Numéro for Man on sale on 15th march has the black model Fernando Cabral on the cover page, and the current Russian edition’s cover of our magazine features the black model Naomi Campbell on its cover. This demonstrates the completely inappropriate nature of the accusations made against our magazine, deeply committed to the respect for differences, tolerance and more generally to non-discrimination.

Considering the turmoil caused by this publication, the Management of Numéro Magazine would like to apologize to anyone who may have been offended by this editorial.

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