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Woman Violently Kicks A Baby!

Folks! Words can not describe what you are about to watch. I honestly don’t think that woman could possibly be the mother of this baby getting a serious beat down like a professional wrestler. She’s either a nanny, babysitter or a family relative. There’s just no way in hell a mother who endured so much pain birthing a baby could put her young one through this torture. I bursted out crying halfway through the footage. I could not stomach watching the rest of it. Please share this, pass on the footage to others. Let us all know and learn that violently handling our young ones is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE! The woman in the video deserves to be publicly flogged and castrated by her boobs or worse! What a sad excuse for a woman!


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Virginity Testing To Join The Police Force –MADNESS!

human-rights-watch-hasThis one takes the cake! Virginity testing to work as a policewoman in Indonesia. SERIOUSLY? I guess I don’t qualify. TOO BAD!

According to Rudy Madanir  at Cnn: The Indonesian police continue to use a “degrading” invasive physical test to check for female recruits virginity, a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report has claimed. A manual examination is used to physically check for an intact hymen in the recruits, the report alleges. It is, according to the report, a long-standing part of the health check that women must undergo to be accepted onto the force.

While the virginity test is not specifically part of the required “obstetrics and gynecology” examination that female recruits are required to undergo to gain entry to the National Police, senior female officers told the report’s authors that it has long been part of the process.

Virginity a requirement

The National Police website lists the health requirements for female recruits, listing virginity as one of the requirements. “In addition to the other medical and physical examinations. Women who want to become policewomen are to undergo a virginity test. Policewomen must keep their virginity,” the informational page states. It ends the section with a cheery “thank you” and a smiley-face emoticon. Married women are not eligible to apply for service in the police force.

Police: Exams applicable to both sexes

A police spokesperson told CNN that all recruits, not only female, were subject to thorough medical tests that included examination of genitalia. “Overall, the medical and physical examination has two main objectives. The first one is to make sure that the candidates’ health and physical condition will not harm them when admitted into police force,” spokesperson Roni Sompie said. “Secondly, it is to make sure that they do not possess any communicable diseases that will not allow them to perform maximally as trained police personnel,” he said. “As to the examination of the virginity, it is just a part of the whole medical and physical test, not intended to solely seek for the virginity condition. Or it can not be put in a perspective for the sake of finding out the virginity, instead, it is for the sake of the completeness of medical and physical examination.” Sompie also said that the HRW report was incomplete because it had not sought comment from police medical authorities.

‘Discriminatory, cruel, degrading’

HRW says they interviewed several female officers and applicants, as well as police medical and recruitment staff. They also say they spoke with a National Police commission member. The officers and recruits who had undergone the test called it “painful” and “traumatic.” The report describes the test, administered by Police Medical and Health Center staff in police hospitals in the cities of Bandung, Jakarta, Padang, Pekanbaru, Makassar, and Medan, as “discriminatory, cruel (and) degrading.” One recruit interviewed by HRW for the report said: “Entering the virginity test examination room was really upsetting. I feared that after they performed the test I would not be a virgin anymore. It really hurt. My friend even fainted because… it really hurt, really hurt.” HRW called the test “subjective and unscientific.”

“The Indonesian National Police’s use of ‘virginity tests’ is a discriminatory practice that harms and humiliates women,” said Nisha Varia, associate women’s rights director at Human Rights Watch in a statement.

“Police authorities in Jakarta need to immediately and unequivocally abolish the test, and then make certain that all police recruiting stations nationwide stop administering it.”

Outside condemnation

Women’s rights advocates have corroborated the HRW reports’ findings. “Over the last 12 years, I have been visited by many police women complaining about virginity tests conducted by police department, with some of them (saying) they have suffered from trauma having conducted the test, because they felt painful and they felt ashamed of being tested. The trauma lasts even until now,” Yefri Heriyani, of Padang based Women’s Crisis center Nurani Perempuan, told CNN.

“We protest this virginity test, which is now disguised under the name ‘medical and physical examination’ … Virginity tests (are) one of the forms of sexual violence, and therefore a human rights violation. We demand an end to this practice.”

Reform attempts insufficient

Attempts to reform the physical and abolish the “archaic” test, HRW says, have failed and the use of the test still widespread. The group says virginity tests contradict internationally-agreed human rights standards. The rights organization has also cataloged similar abuses by police in several other countries including Egypt, India, and Afghanistan, and has previously spoken out against virginity tests for Indonesian schoolgirls. HRW say the report is counterproductive to the Indonesian government’s aim to recruit more women to the police force.

“So-called virginity tests are discriminatory and a form of gender-based violence — not a measure of women’s eligibility for a career in the police,” Varia said.

“This pernicious practice not only keeps able women out of the police, but deprives all Indonesians of a police force with the most genuinely qualified officers.”


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Rihanna In African Ankara At The White House

Scandal’s Olivia Pope move over! Rihanna is ready to take over the White House! In African Ankara garb no less. Got to say I am loving this conservative Afro chic on the ever so barely dressed bajan singer. I could get used to this. Keep it up Bad gal Riri!

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Brittany Choses To End Her Life –Legally

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 9.26.22 PMBrittany Maynard, a brave and courageous 29 year old girl, diagnosed with terminal brain cancer chooses to end her life with dignity on Nov 1 –permissible by the state of Oregon. I didn’t even know such a law existed until stumbling into this moving story. I wish all of her family well and her a peaceful journey to her maker. So touching. 🙁

Watch her story in the video footage below.

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Halloween Festival 2014, HOT!

20141031_205226_1What can I tell you. The 41st annual Halloween Festival Parade was off the hook! I dressed up as a Vampire photographer, complete with fangs, the real deal.  I won’t waste your time with excess blah blah here but it’s crucial to add that the lovely and talented Oscar winning actress, Whoopi Goldberg did the honors this year as the Grand Marshall. New York has no shortage of creative people and they sure showed up in thousands dressed up in every kind of costume imaginable. They definitely did not disappoint. As expected, “club” floats played music along the routes and I couldn’t help myself. Armed with my camera, I too danced my way up 6th avenue taking the pictures featured below. Click on the images to see an enlarged version. This is one of my favorite parades in the city. Please enjoy the pictures and be sure to check out the ones posted on my Facebook page as well.

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Whoopi Goldberg as the Grand Marshall

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