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Cop Killing Protest in NYC

a2As expected, New Yorkers took to Union Square and the streets of the city to voice their disapproval in the recent killings of young black men Althon Sterling and Philando Castile just 24 hours apart. The entire nation is outraged over the incidents. A peaceful protest was organized in the big apple sending NYPD police officers to work overtime and extra hard in containing the crowd. Below is the video footage and images from the event. My heart goes out to all families affected by this devastating blow. This could have happened to anyone and anywhere. Gold help us all!


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Black Men Not Safe In America!

x_lon_baton_160706__105947.nbcnews-ux-1080-600You want American Dream? Nah wake up! This is reality in the land of the free! Black men get gunned down in cold blood like rats! Watch the graphic video footage below and soak it in. If you have any heart and red blood in your veins then you should be moved by this. And if not, then you’re just as heartless as the hateful cops! Is this what our black sons have to look forward to? The poor guy was working hard selling CD’s in street corners to feed is 5 kids. If he doesn’t work and relies on welfare, he’s condemned, if he works he’s also condemned! Black men just can’t win!!!! What gives?! Within 24 hours another was gunned down in front of his family! My heart is heavy this very moment. This is hard to stomach as a mother. Alton is after all someone else’s baby too at one point! America wake up! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! My condolences to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile’s family.

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The Weekend in Red, Blue & White

bHow else to celebrate America’s birthday holiday weekend if not in red, blue & white fashionable pieces. It’s hard to walk across the streets without someone with a piece of US flag colored scarf, bag or pin proudly celebrating life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, the day England lost their holdings in the New World! Alas! I present to you series of images of my 5 month old little cub (who now has over 10k Facebook followers thanks to you) and I enjoying his very first 4th of July weekend accompanied by his dotting dad! God bless America, land of the free, home of the brave! least the last time I checked.

Photo credit for the most part to my wonderful hubby, baby dada! 🙂

Hope you all have a good one and drive safely!

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