A Political Costume Parade

If the Halloween parade in NYC was anything to go by, you can expect a massive turn out at the voting poll next week for the midterms. Political plaques and Donald Trump costumes were rife at the parade! The weather was the warmest during this time of the year in a very long time! New Yorkers and visiting foreigners turned out and showed out in full force. Patrolling cops said it was the most attendance of all Halloween parades they’ve seen in a while. The sidewalks was at least 12 rows deep with those at the front having saved their spots at least 3 hours before kick off. Adults and babies as young as 9 month old took in the merriment.

Armed patrols and mounted police officers could be seen everywhere. With the current political climate in the world right now, NYC wasn’t about to let the affair get ruined by any nut job. K9 dogs sniffed around while armed officers in bullet proof vests roamed the crowd. All in a days work. Needless to say, the celebration went off without a hitch! On that note, please remember to vote! Your voice matters!

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