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No Pants Subway Ride -My Findings


Organizer Charlie Todd being interviewed by the press

I stumbled into the existence of such a thing as “No Pants Subway Ride Day” organized by Improv Everywhere only 2 days ago on my Facebook news feed. Naturally, I did my research and couldn’t wait to witness it in person on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014 in NYC. The now internationally known world prank takes place in 60 countries, including the big apple as you can imagine. NYC denizens as young as 3 months to a 71 year old man came out in full force ready to take off their pants in the winter cold air to ride the city subways! I honestly thought I had seen it all in the city. Who knows what might be next. Perhaps a No Bra/Topless Day? That by the way is already legal in the state of New York. I suppose it’s only a matter of time. I hope the organizer Charlie Todd gets to read this note. I have one little suggestion to add to his 13-year run of the (successful) prank. Now that he’s managed to gain worldwide fame and press coverage why not make it useful for non-profit organizations looking to gain awareness for their causes. Perhaps to have the event dedicated to a special cause on a yearly basis. Such as slave trafficking, stopping sexual abuse, cancer, e.t.c. The possibilities are endless. This way, everyone coming to look at your website for event images, to watch video footage or to learn about it can be exposed to these causes looking for exposure. Just a thought. Other than that, keep up the good work. Lord knows some people out there could use a good laugh and to loosen up!

Well everyone, enjoy my photography work from the event. Click on images for enlarged versions. Many more will be posted on my Facebook page. And be sure to watch the video footage below. You don’t want to miss that. Happy New Year! 😉

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The Royals Bring Back Memories of Shameful Colonial Times

Just when I thought they were getting it right, then this happened. One step forward, 5 steps backwards.

The royals are bitching about Kate’s topless pictures. And I thought colonial slave days were long over. Can I get a court judgement against this display of depressing colonial history?

What a shame!


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