A Street Brawl On St Marks Place

A major fight scene happened tonight shortly after having dinner on St Marks Place in NYC. This is a busy street usually packed with college students. And you can only imagine that the crowd would include some drunken machos among other things. I witnessed right before my eyes a gang of 6 guys going after one guy in a fight scene that can only rival the kind seen in a movie.  At one point one guy was poking a stick at the stomach of the poor defenseless fellow who had 5 others punching his face! I was so dumbfounded with my mouth wide open only to utter a loud “OMG!” I stupidly forgot to whip out my cell phone to record the unbelievable punches flying before my eyes. A state of shock would be an understatement. After coming to my senses, I was able to manage capturing some of the guys kicking the one guy on the floor and recorded the police coming on to the scene before arresting just 2 of the guys. Of course, the others fled! Apparently this one guy had stolen something from the nearby store and called the black store owner “stupid nigger”. The group of guys came to the store owner’s defense by beating up the guy on the floor! Sigh…the racist saga just never ends!

Well, below is a video footage and photos which includes the damaged store nearby. They basically used the poor Indian man’s store display as a weapon. Thank goodness no knives or guns insight! I could have been injured considering how close I was to the scene! 🙁

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A gang of guys kicking one guy on the floor


One of the guys arrested. Spotted here with bleeding nose


Another arrest was made. He is actually a veteran. So sad.


What’s left of the scene of the fight.


A gang of guys going at it.


The scene of the fight.

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