Acrobatic Ballerina In The Park

Spring has never looked so good in New York City. The flowers are in full bloom creating a great platform for outdoor photography. I didn’t waste anytime in enlisting my dearest and favorite model, Marina Cavallini as my model subject. We have worked together many times before, including modeling for Shoeholics magazine, movie trailer and website, among many other things. She is one of the most dedicated and loyal friends I can count on one hand. When I told her of my “Acrobatic Ballerina In The Park” concept, she was delighted to participate. At the park, we used every garden and blooming trees we could find. We didn’t spare Alice In Wonderland statue either. It wasn’t long before we started attracting spectators. At some locations, with each conclusion of poses we received applause. Occasionally, we get a couple of annoying professional photographers wanting to steal our thunder by snapping a few shots of our set up. I guess we should be flattered. Marina summed up the day very well….

“Today was a beautiful spring day in NYC. The temperatures up in the 70s, flowers blooming, clear sky, green parks… all of it contributed to a perfect day for a photo shoot with my dearest Tinu. I should say there were a few weirdos we ran into that made our day even better and funnier! The day began with a few laughs and spotting Slumdog Millionnaire Dev Patel walking to a movie set at around 9 am at Madison Square Park. Then we headed uptown to Central Park to other locations. I brought a few outfits with me and started changing. Point shoes, tutu, leotard and then… into the fountain! No, no, it wasn’t on yet! I got on the sprinkler, got on point and started posing. 5-10 minutes into the shoot we heard “Oh my God! Do you know how fragile that is? We just painted it yesterday! Get out of the fountain and take all of your body parts with you!” It was one of the park keepers. For a moment I wondered what part of my body I’d leave there if I had a choice…
As we were shooting at another location in Central Park we couldn’t get rid of one really nasty stalker with a professional camera. He was trying to take pictures when I was posing while pretending he was up to something else. He’d turn his back on us and then we’d spot him hiding behind a tree, bushes, and even after I gave him a finger, I could still spot him on a bridge, in a tourist crowd… oh, so annoying! We ended the shoot at Columbus Circle. The day was very productive and fun!”

Please feel free to share these images with your friends and loved ones. We hope they brighten up your day and bring you smiles as they did to us. If you see any image you fancy, just click on it to preview the enlarged version. Larger images including those not posted here will be posted on my Facebook page between now and end of May. As usual darling, all rights reserved :)

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