Afropunk was LIT!

My fellow denizens, I finally got a chance to experience my very first Afropunk and dare I say…it was LIT! I wish it went on for days just like my beloved Burning Man at Black Rock City. That indeed would make August one long month of endless festivals and partying. The international Afropunk Festival is an annual event that is designed to showcase art, fashion, food and music by African American designers, artists and musicians. The festival will mark its 15th anniversary next year and I do plan on stepping up my game!
Fellas and gals were on hand in different garbs that could rival any alternative style fashion runway. Not a single fashion dud in sight.
If you’re into independent artists of unparalleled talent in the music scene, then this is a definite must-attend event you do not want to miss! I couldn’t stop dancing the whole 6 hours I was there! I went alone but left with many more friendships contacts in my “rolodex”. I’m looking forward to meeting my Afropunk family again next year…and like all things, God willing.
Below are some of my favorite looks and moments. Be sure to watch the 5 min video below, many more surprises in there. I particularly love the couple dancing together. I hope I didn’t disappoint you with my dancing moves though LOL!

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Legendary Spike Lee #respect
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