After Christmas/Boxing Day Doorbuster Sale! WOW!

20131226_102120This year would mark the very first time that I dared to venture out at 5am, a day after Christmas to participate in the door buster sales! The “professionals” call it THE sale to check out while calling “Black Friday” held a day after Thanksgiving for amateurs. Well, I guess it all depends on what you’re buying. My first stop was at Macy’s by 530am where news crew had already set up shop to report about the mayhem and by 7am, I migrated up north to check out Bloomingdales before hitting the upmarket venue at Bergdorf Goodman by 9am. All the stores had eager customers waiting for the doors to open, -literally!

Unbeknownst to me, the REAL sale I should have paid attention to was at SAKS where they offered 70% off designer shoes till noon! I was almost in tears when I sashayed in by 1145am only to be told the shoe floor had closed for the day but will reopen at 1230pm long after the sale. I wasn’t having it. I pleaded with the security guy and declared that I had to have some drinks at the cafe located on the same floor. Of course he looked at me suspiciously while I pouted my lips and made a sad face. He relented and let me through much to the surprise of pissed off onlookers who hadn’t thought about that as an excuse to get in. When I got up there, it was bedlam. Overall, from the sale of the day, I made it home with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti I had been eyeballing for weeks prior to the sale! One left in my size and the rest was history! Should come in handy for a fabulous New Year’s eve party! 🙂

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