Art Basel Miami

My introduction to the world of Art Basel this week, will forever be etched in my encephalon. I learned not only about art in all forms and categories, but also about life and trusting one’s intuition. The experience started out rough, but worked itself out the moment I realised I had to take control of my own journey on this trip, to explore beyond my initial confinements. Needless to say, I took the initiative to turn my lemons into a large bottle filled with tasty juicy lemonade. This produced a groundbreaking experience that I’ll forever cherish. I was able to discover and connect with world renowned artists in various fields and categories of art mediums from around the world. The inspiration was abundant in the vast halls of the convention center in Miami. Many of which could be applied to not only art, but also fashion, education and numerous cultural elements of life, aspects affecting our daily existence.
My gratitude and respect to all the exhibiting artists. Thank you for inviting me into your space to explore your thought-provoking visuals and hardwork. And I’m particularly grateful to my dear friend Nick Woolley for helping to make this visit flawless.

Art Basel serves as a great source for aspiring artists and like minded collectors. The ambiance and euphoria gives an immense feeling of a playground for art aficionados, a safe place to let their imaginations run wild, and dare I say… their wallets as well. Art collectors get to dig deep into their pockets here without judgement, because they’re are right at home, among like minded collectors.

Various events surrounding the convention are certainly not to be missed. Several receptions and soirees help boost and promote the art exhibitions. This is after all akin to extensive networking opportunities. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, therefore it is essential to be vigilant and plan accordingly, be alert in and out of the convention halls.

Art Basel is definitely a bucketlister if you haven’t ventured in yet.

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Video reel is posted on instagram.

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