NYC is BAAACK! Halloween!

NYC came roaring back to life on Halloween night with revelers decked out in several homemade costumes to show off talents the pandemic prevented them from doing last year. The event almost didn’t happen due to the fact that the city granted the organizers a permit with only a few weeks to prepare. This normally would have been set in motion at least a year in advance.

One would have expected a low turn out due to the ongoing vaccine and facemask mandate. That didn’t stop the usually jaded New Yorkers from coming out to show off and show out! This happens to be my 4 year old daughter’s favorite holiday, and of course, she made sure to catch a glimpse of every costume in sight. She was in paradise! Peruse the images below captured with my mobile. I hope you like them.
Happy Halloween!

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Pride Fest Post Pandemic

Covid be damned! New Yorkers and tourist swamped New York City today with a vengeance to make up for the cancelled festivities last year due to the pandemic. Nothing was held back, revelers partied like it was 1980 without a care in the world. It didn’t matter if you came with friends you’ve known for eons or friends you just met today. Everyone embraced and loved one another…sans covid. I too met my fellow doll art curator Robert for the first time after months of communication via instagram. It felt like meeting my long lost brother from my father’s mistress. 🙂 A total sweetheart. We had a chance to do some doll artistry together using the Pride fest revelers as our backdrop. In other words, our dolls took part in the festivities with onlookers bemused by it all.

The festivities included food, drinks and lots of music of various genres. It felt more like a huge outdoor club! People wanted to dance and feel the sun after months of lockdown and restrictions! It felt sooo good!

Need I mention the cops were very patient and friendly as well? No one felt threatened! It’s a great day in America! Onward we go…to a new beginning. Happy Pride!!!

Photos taken with my samsung camera phone…unedited.

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Empty Times Sq on New Year’s Eve

As corona virus brought the world to its knees in 2020, so is the case for Times Square. The crossroad of the world was not spared, not even while exiting what has become a miserable year for billions of humans worldwide. Ms. Rona has humbled us all. Life as we know it is now almost a memory. Social distance has become the norm. Times Square became a forbidden path for any gathering, especially on New Year’s Eve to watch the crystal ball drop. The crossroads is now barricaded up to prevent any kind of gathering besides the press and performers. The entertainment tonight is to be anchored by Jennifer Lopez and televised for the world to see. That ought to draw in good ratings for the network, I suppose.

Could this actually be the new way of life on Times Square during New Year’s eve going forward? We can only hope and pray for a better 2021. Happy New Year!

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Juneteenth 2020

It’s Juneteenth! A sacred day to many Black Americans and completely new knowledge to the mainstream. Like the Tulsa Race Massacre, Juneteenth is hardly emphasized in school curriculum along with many other white washed horrific history of America. Juneteenth marks the day slaves in America were emancipated from their bondage on June 19, 1865.

History is meant to be told as it is but not in the US where the truth is hard to swallow much less accepted as the reality now engrained in our society. One can never hide smoke where there’s fire. The truth will always come to light…no matter how many centuries spent to cover it up. Alas! Here we are, Juneteenth is now front and center on the heels of many slain unarmed black men with George Floyd being the last straw much like Rosa Park was for segregation decades ago. Thousands of law abiding citizens took to the streets in NYC to press on for racial justice. We can only hope that we are on to a turning point of racial justice that will benefit our kids and their kids if not us their parents. This is precisely why I take part in these peaceful protest, to be on the right side of history.

Be sure to watch the videos below, especially the first one where you’ll be schooled on past riots by Africans in the 1700 before slavery was finally abolished in the 1840s. I definitely learnt a lot today.

Happy Juneteenth! Free at last, free at last…are we? Hmm…

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Protest in NYC

I’ve been dying to join a peaceful protest since the uprise for justice sparked by the senseless killing of George Floyd but couldn’t because I’ve got to mind my 2 babies at home while hubby works. That changed the moment I heard thousands of protesters chanting past our building. Hubby popped in for lunch and with that I was out in a flash to join the protest. I was able to interview the police chief in charge of monitoring the peaceful protest as well as an African American police officer to get their point of views. The day was rather eventful and it left me feeling slightly more hopeful for my kids’ future in the US. As a woman of color living the nightmare daily in the states, like everyone else in my position I often worry about the safety of my kids. I pray George’s demise will be a lesson, a step in the right direction for equality and accountability.
The experience left me very emotional and a bit hopeful. I did this for my kid’s future and all of those unfairly treated by corrupt justice!

Please view the interview & protest videos below and accompanying images taken with my camera phone.

Stay safe everyone!

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NYC Finally Sleeps!

I’m hoping you are sitting within the safe confines of your home reading this blog and pouring over the images below. It clearly shows you aren’t missing out on anything. Alas! Your FOMO (fear of missing out) can finally take a back seat. Today begins the official day of the lockdown mandated by Governor Cuomo literally begging everyone to stay home! All non essential businesses have been ordered to close or be severely fined. CoronaVirus literally crippled humanity’s way of living worldwide and NYC finally buckled to its bullying. I can add this to my bucket list, to be one of the very few to have actually walked around a very sleepy NYC! I never thought I would actually be alive to see NYC literally shut down with not a single fly outside besides policemen and first responders for emergency purposes! NYC is now the nucleus of the pandemic in the US. God help us. Below are pictures taking using my mobile phone.

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Stay safe!

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CoronaVirus? Not Today!

The outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus originated from China could not stop the denizens of New York City from coming out en mass to ring in the Lunar New Year in Chinatown yesterday! It would be my very first time covering the event, a mission my beloved wanted me to abort at all cost for fear of contacting the disease! There were reports of no known cases in NY, and there were several announcements by the city officials urging people not to boycott the event and businesses in Chinatown out of fear. Businesses in Chinatown were already suffering as a result of the outbreak. Alas! I made it to the parade with a positive attitude hoping for the best. I made it a point not to touch anyone or dive into any crowd, just to be safe. I was expecting everyone to be covered in masks when I arrived but that was not the case at all, to my surprise.

Like all politicians, Presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s team wasted no time in strutting the parade hoping to get votes from Asian Americans. They handed out faux $1000 bills to the crowd! Gotta love America!

Without further ado, peruse the images (from my phone) below and watch the video of lion dancers and greetings from the Mayor, Senator and the Chinese Empress! You can expect my dolls from Dolliciouslife to make an appearance of course! 🙂

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Senator Chuck Schumer
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SantaCon Be Merry

Alas! The young and old descended on Times Square on Dec 14, 2019 to usher in what would be another day of merriment and boozing of course. All decked out in white and red taking form as Santa Claus, a tradition that has gone global to usher in the holiday season. Naturally, a few denizens of New York are against this carefree merriment and have started a petition to get it cancelled. Sigh…live and let live I say!

Check out some of the images below. And as expected, my plastic friends from Dollicious Life Ken and Marco couldn’t resist!

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Halloween Parade NYC

Alas! Despite a threatening weather report, the 46th annual Halloween day parade went on without a hitch last night ! The participant turn out wasn’t high in volume like the previous year but it was suitable for my 2 year old baby girl to roam around in her Nemo costume without being stomped on. She enjoyed it tremendously! It would be her very first time at any kind of parade for that matter. Revelers were kind and cheerful, one even gave her money as her “treat” without tricks! What a way to start the Halloween tradition. So kind of him!

Prior to the parade, Noa dressed up as Jennifer Lopez in the iconic green Versace dress! Her brother stepped out as Baby Shark.

View the video footage below and images taken with my Samsung phone. Hope you all had a lovely costume celebration. Until next year, stay cheerful and healthy!

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Afropunk was LIT!

My fellow denizens, I finally got a chance to experience my very first Afropunk and dare I say…it was LIT! I wish it went on for days just like my beloved Burning Man at Black Rock City. That indeed would make August one long month of endless festivals and partying. The international Afropunk Festival is an annual event that is designed to showcase art, fashion, food and music by African American designers, artists and musicians. The festival will mark its 15th anniversary next year and I do plan on stepping up my game!
Fellas and gals were on hand in different garbs that could rival any alternative style fashion runway. Not a single fashion dud in sight.
If you’re into independent artists of unparalleled talent in the music scene, then this is a definite must-attend event you do not want to miss! I couldn’t stop dancing the whole 6 hours I was there! I went alone but left with many more friendships contacts in my “rolodex”. I’m looking forward to meeting my Afropunk family again next year…and like all things, God willing.
Below are some of my favorite looks and moments. Be sure to watch the 5 min video below, many more surprises in there. I particularly love the couple dancing together. I hope I didn’t disappoint you with my dancing moves though LOL!

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Legendary Spike Lee #respect
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