Thierry Mugler Couturissme in NY

A definite MUST SEE! The legendary late Monsieur Thierry Mugler left us all an ever lasting wealth of inspiration through his body of work that spans decades in fashion and art. He departed this world few months ago in 2022, but through his work he’s certain to never be forgotten for generations to come. I’m not so sure we’ll ever see another quite like this again, perhaps not in our lifetime. On that note, be sure not to miss taking in the collection in person while you still can. I had the pleasure of visiting the exhibition with my brother Ty-Ron Mayes, pictured below after we both missed attending the opening night gala due to work commitments. 🙈We left the exhibition feeling exhilarated nonetheless. The collection is currently on temporary loan on full display at the Brooklyn Museum until May 2023. Go see it, run, don’t walk!

Can’t make it out there? Be sure to watch the full coverage at the video footage below.

Celebrity Stylist Ty-Ron Mayes
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It’s Halloween, Rain or Shine

Poseidon, God of the sea and water definitely heard the cries of New Yorkers on Halloween night. The rain threatened to dampen the festivities but it didn’t get beyond a few sprinkles. Alas! New Yorkers held on, true to their toughness…the show did go on. You could literally feel the energy in the spectators and parade marchers. Compared to last year, the sidewalks were packed to capacity of spectators, at least 10 bodies deep. All hoping to get a glimpse of the marchers costumes. As usual, New Yorkers never disappoint, they delivered in style. Happy Halloween! 🎃

Preview the images taken using my phone (unfiltered) & video footage below. Until next year, be safe out there.

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Eyes Wide Shut

The notoriously sensual film Eyes Wide Shut….almost couldn’t hold a candle to the exotically fueled Fleur du Mal 10th anniversary masked soiree, a perfect way to kick off Halloween weekend. Ronnie Madra hosted the glittery event last night at the Paradise Club, atop the world renowned Edition hotel in Times Square. Esteemed guests were all appropriately dressed for the occasion, mask and other scantily clad beauties in tow. No matter how prude you might have been prior to setting foot in the premises, you’re bound to let loose within a second once you set your sight on the erotic entertainment on stage and about the room. It was contagious! Ronnie is no rookie to the night life. He’s the brains behind the Earos ear device that helps filter off excessive sound that could cause hearing loss. A dilemma many concert goers, car racers, construction workers and such suffer from. It’s definitely a product worth checking out considering Ronnie himself suffers from hearing loss and has made it his business to help others from going through the same.

There’s certainly nothing like Halloween season in NY. Who doesn’t love pretending to be someone else, even if for a day? I know I do. Prior to this event, I dipped into another at Fotografiska, and I’ve got a few more to go before cruising through the iconic Halloween Parade on Monday! Pray for me! It’s going to be a long weekend! CLICK HERE to see the video footage at the Paradise club.

Mandie, Angeline
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ComicCon NY

In a fast NY minute, ComicCon fanatic New Yorkers and tourists alike filled up the gigantic space of the Javits Center decked out in costumes. We got a taste of what might be on offer at the Halloween parade coming up later this month. ComicCon fans roamed the halls happily while browsing the shops on offer. Speaking of shops, Funko Pop was king Supreme! I’d never seen the collectible toys stacked up so high like the Great Wall of China! Shoppers needed prior online reservation to access what I call the “Funko Pop Castle”, which by the way is not for the faint at heart. Come prepared with a folding chair to survive the dragon tail length lines!

And if you happen to be a rare comic book collector, get your life savings coins ready! I saw a comic book begging to be taken home for a mere $12k!

Below is a video footage from my visit of the first day of ComicCon today! Enjoy!

(Click on pictures for enlarged version.)

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Diner en Blanc NYC at 10!

Diner en Blanc NYC chapter finally resumed today! Revelers had almost no time to plan the extravagant affair unlike previous years where it took months in preparation, this year barely gave way to 2 months of notice! Obviously, the city permit which allows the event to take place in open public spaces must have cleared at the last minute. The rain threatened to dampen the affair like it did in 2019, when without warning we were drenched completely in a flash flooded lawn in Battery Park City. We did return to the scene of the crime but this time on the paved section of Battery Park City behind the Winter Garden. The rain was determined to have a repeat but Calandra, the goddess of rain must have heard the cries of the people today! It actually held up just before we all departed for the venue. Once everyone settled in, the rain was a thing of the past. The party was well underway with the traditional napkin wave signaling the official start of the night’s affair. I made some really cool friends as I always do at these events. A fab night was had by all…at least to my knowledge. 😉We hope to do it all over again next year! God willing. 🙏

Below is a video high lighting the night and images below, all captured using my mobile phone.

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West Indies/Labor Day Slam Dunk!

Alas! The wait of 3 excruciating years finally passed today! Covid be damned! Not a single mask insight at the long awaited West Indies festivities in Brooklyn on Labor day. After 3 year haitus, thanks to Ms. Rona…revelers came out and showed out! What normally takes a year in costume preparation took 3 long years this time around. It turned out to be my best one yet. It felt more organized and well paced. Despite starting an hour late, it didn’t deter the mood at all. The usual dignitaries and luminaries of the big apple made their way first as per protocol. Spectators who lined the wide shoulders of Easter Parkway were greeted warmly by AL Sharpton, Mayor Eric Adams, and a few others. There was no shortage of armed police officers scattered about considering the rise in crime in the city since the pandemic. Nevertheless, they were extremely friendly and eager to assist anyone in need of help. Shortly after the officials passed the judges tables seated by the Brooklyn Museum, the main party started. Elaborate colorful costumes filled the stretch of the parkway coupled with high decibels of Caribbean music from just about every genre. Brooklyn felt very much alive! I haven’t danced this hard since college! I’m sore all over! 🙈

Check out the video footage and images below. Until next year, please be safe out there!

Click on the images to enlarge.

Mayor Eric Adams
DA Eric Gonzalez
NY Attorney General Letitia James
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Love Is Love…NYC Pride!

It’s back!!! Rainbow filled beloved city of New York hosted the iconic Pride March in style after 2 year haitus due to the corona virus pandemic. It picked up effortlessly right where it left off…as if nothing had halted the annual highly anticipated festivities. Celebrants, allies, young and old joined to together to make it a smashing success as usual. Big corporations, universities and major brands took to the floats to show their unwavering solidarity with gay rights. Of course, the current political strife in the land was visible at the parade. Participants voiced their political views and concerns on hand held plagues. I’ll let these images captured on my android provide the “receipts” as it were. Click on the images to enlarge it. Happy Pride! 🌈 🏳️‍🌈 🥳💃🏽😃

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Patricia Field’s Surprise Party

You know when you’ve got friends throw you a surprise party at 80, in a room packed to capacity…you’ve pretty much done it all. That can be said for the legendary fashion and style architect Patricia Field! The Academy Award nominated style icon walked into a swanky downtown NYC speakeasy, Fig.19 to what would be her surprise 80th birthday party. The energy that permeated through the room was highly contagious! The vibration of the cheers from well wishers was quite an experience in itself. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ms. Pat a few yrs ago where I captured her cover image for Shoeholics magazine. Prior to that, we had partied together in Paris at a Dior haute couture event. Those were quite memorable times I shall forever cherish. She’s a dynamite fun to be with! Happy birthday darling. Cheers to many more decades!

Peruse the video footage and images below.😉

In Paris at a Dior event
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Memorial Day Weekend Block Party in NYC

Where else would you venture out on a beautiful spring day with your family, casually out on errands only to run into a block party unexpectedly? Only in NYC! What I thought would be a quick dash out on errands with my 4 yr old, turned into an all afternoon jamming and grinding to hit tunes being spun by the newly minted Academy Awarding winning Quest Love! Military personnel could be seen sweating it off in a heated dance off with civilians, while onlookers clapped and cheered on. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold. Gosh! I’ve missed seeing this lively side of New York since the pandemic railroaded our lifestyles for over 2 yrs now. Besides dancing, families indulged in games and many interactive activities across the elaborate concert size stage set up next to the Flatiron building. There was something for just about everyone to participate in. It felt and looked good to see everyone enjoying themselves like old times. Special thanks to all the servicemen and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. We’re very grateful. RIP. 🙏

Have a look at the images & video footage below.

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Kenny Kenny Is The building!

Kenny Kenny, the artist extraordinaire’s opening ceremony body of work at the swanky Calligaris Chelsea luxury furniture showroom brought out the who’s who of the New York City art and night life. The collection titled “The Tenant in the Tenement” rightfully so, celebrated the larger than life artist. His work hung along the walls, perfectly matched with the luxurious furnishings in the showroom while his patrons and friends alike, drinks in hand, cheered merrily, all well dressed for the occasion. Guest included Lynn Yaeger, Mickey Bookman, Michael Musto and so many others I couldn’t picture, simply because it was that much fun and I was easily distracted. It could easily have been a scene from The Great Gatsby! The ongoing pandemic seemed like a thing of the past to the dazzling revelers, not a mask in sight! It’s safe to say…we’re all over Ms. Rona! New York City’s night life is roaring back with a vengeance! Fun was indeed had by all. Cheers NY! Welcome back!

Kenny Kenny
Joey Arias
Dianne Brill

Kenny Kenny, Baby Chic, Connie Fleming
Baby Chic, Michael Musto, Mackey Boardman
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