NYC Pride!

Ahhh! Pride march! You’ve been missed! I’ve been absent from the scene for a minute, busy giving birth and rearing two babies! Some of you sent me emails asking when I’ll be returning to my parade coverage. Alas! I bring to you the Pride March photo coverage. As always NYC never disappoints. This year had a bit of an international flare. Perhaps the blockbuster Black Panther movie had something to do with it. A lot of revelers felt more proud than ever to show off their heritage in traditional garbs from Bollywood to Nollywood. Kids were equally prominent alongside their parents, some of which had political messages about keeping families together. Politicians such as Gov Cuomo to hopeful Cynthia Nixon were crowd favorites. Gun control activist Emma Gonzalez debuted at the pride aboard the Stonewall float. Legendary Tennis icon Billie Jean King held was honored as the Grand Marshall.

Click here to see how Nigerians boldly and fearlessly celebrated at the march, a first for any African nation.

Nigerians represented for the first time

Here are some of my favorite sightings from the march. Be sure to visit my Facebook page for more images.Sign up for my newsletter on the right side of the site. You never know what might come through your email.

Gun control activist Emma Gonzalez

Gov. Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon

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Black Panther…Wakanda Forever!!!

Unknown-8 Never have I felt so proud to be an African than now! Thanks to the Hollywood blockbuster by Marvel Studios for igniting the flame! Never mind that the Black Panther movie depicting the high tech nation of Wakanda as fictional. The movie gives a very strong message about pride and unity like I have never seen before. It was definitely worth the effort made dressing up to see the movie in theaters. One of the Wakanda citizens was actually wearing the exact same South African Ndebele ring necklace I wore to the theater. Special thanks to my beloved friend Tori for accompanying me! He looks dashing in Nigerian Aso oke agbada!

About dressing up for Black Panther. People talk of it being a fluke or “costume” for a day. Don’t be foolish. I for one I’m a proud Nigerian and have been WOKE for yrs. Look through my page to see me wearing various African garbs right here in NYC from time to time. It’s no dress up for me but an actual pride & joy and do intend to continue!

If you haven’t seen it yet, please do yourself a favor and go!!!

Wakanda forever! 🙂

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Alas! The Terrible Two!

20180107_163902-01xxx (1)_wmWhen a kid turns 2, they say the parents are to get ready for the terrible two phase. We’ve been experiencing it with my boy @dagoldchain since he was about a year and half! I guess today makes it legit. I can’t believe my little man is now officially a toddler! It feels like only yesterday when he came into this world and here he is gradually growing into a man. Standing tall looking like a gentleman in custom design Dashiki agbada by Omode. It’s hard to believe he is only 2, typically mistaken for a 3+. His 3 month old sister @Ladynoaofficial, is also growing up so fast, one look at her picture below you might mistake her for a 1 year old (was 2 mos old in that pic). She’s been holding up her own neck since birth.

20171228_110048-01_wmBoth kids have changed my life for the best. Motherhood is never easy and I am not here to paint it rosy either. However, it is the best thing that can happen to anyone, no matter the stage in life. The good outweighs the bad (sleepless nights, attention, etc). I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. 20180107_164237-01xxx

@Dagoldchain, I am so overjoyed and blessed to be your mother. I do wish you a happy sweet birthday and will forever cherish the day you came into our lives. Your dad and I love you soooo much! Happy birthday dear! 🙂9 copy


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Child Molestation… SADLY ME TOO!

20171117_135054I stumbled upon this image while browsing on Instagram. Immediately I found my voice on this issue. It hit a certain nerve that I had been suppressing for decades! Child molestation is VERY real my dear friends! I would know because I too was almost a victim. I have never had the courage to address this issue publicly and have only told my mother and husband. Since becoming a mother to two adorable kids, son @dagoldchain and daughter @ladynoaofficial both less than 2 yrs old, the guilt to speak up has been a hard one to suppress any longer. I now have 2 little angels to watch over and certainly feel the need to speak up to warn other mothers of predators in our very midst! I was well under  10 years old in Nigeria when a FAMILY MEMBER made an attempt but was saved by my grandmother when she walked into the room, completely oblivious to what was about to happen. Another would be in my late teens when another FAMILY MEMBER had his wandering hands on me while claiming to “look for signs of malaria” right here in the US! Who gets malaria in the US? I should be thanking my God it was only his hands wandering and nothing more. I can’t say the same for my cousin who was also a victim.

I don’t know if I am suddenly now finding my voice because of all the sexual allegations sweeping through Hollywood right now…a la Harvey Weinstein and all. I am certainly encouraged as a result of my babies now in my life. My number one goal and job is to protect them. I would hope that all mothers out there would do the same for their loved ones and not make the same mistake my own folks did with family members preying on kids within the very walls that was supposed to protect us. God help us all.

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Baby #2? Yeap! Meet Lady Noa!!

20171010_054949-01xxxMany of you probably noticed my sudden “disappearance” from social media and updated blogs, postings, etc. I was busy gestating my second baby! This summer has been one of the most excruciating season ever. It wasn’t easy waddling about in the summer heat while tipping the scale at almost 200 pounds, the heaviest I have ever been in my life! And it certainly wasn’t easy caring for my 21 month old baby while heavily pregnant with a second. My hats off to all the ladies out there who have mastered this. I wish I could pop out kids every year without thinking twice about  it. My hubby and I felt the need to provide a much needed sibling for our older baby @DaGoldChain whose arrival can be seen posted at “motherhood” early last year. When he met his sister for the first time, he gave his approval by kissing her on the forehead, completely taking us all by surprise!

20171007_160525-01x 20171007_174418xAs a proud mother of 2, I feel totally alive and rejuvenated. I never thought I would be a mother at all much less to two beautiful kids!

Without further ado, please join my family & I in welcoming Lady Noa! She weighed 7 lbs 10 oz, 20 inches long, born on Oct 9, 2017.

You can follow her life in pictures on her newly created instagram page @LadyNoaOfficial


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Watch Me Nae Nae on Times Square!

Dance like no one is watching just got a whole new meaning. Ammon and his sister Larene came all the way to New York City from California to do just that. The pair lit the crossroads of the world by dancing their hearts out to Silento’s hit song “Watch Me” on Times Square while waiting for the ball to drop to start the New Year 2017 at midnight. Considering their prime real estate spot, front row center in a very crowded Times Square, it’s safe to say they must have been standing there from 5pm well into the night to get prime spot! It definitely paid off because I watched in real time as Ryan Seacrest and other news media outlets placed the pair on TV dancing their hearts out to every classics and hits that came on! Their happiness and free spirit was contagious! Keep it up! Happy New Year! 🙂

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New Year on Times Square

img_2316To celebrate or not to celebrate? That depends. If you’re a tourist longing to visit New York, Times Square is the ultimate destination for many new comers to ring in the New Year. Sending off 2016 was no different. I sashayed into the heart of the world just after 9am to take in the view and energy of eager revelers waiting to see the crystal ball drop on Times Square. As expected security was tighter than a tortoise behind. New York wasn’t going to leave anything to chance like what happened in Nice during their independence day celebration last year leaving many innocent people slaughtered. Times Square NYE celebration was a success…as usual.

As you’ve come to expect me to transport you to the event through my photography work. Without further ado…images are below for perusing. Have a wonderful and prosperous Happy New Year dear friends!

ps: To see larger sizes, simply click on the image. Remember, all rights reserved. 🙂

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Ryan Seacrest hosting the evening


Ryan Seacrest

img_2254 img_2259 img_2265 img_2272 img_2285 img_2287 img_2292 img_2299
img_2382 img_2387 img_2399

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Halloween Has Cometh!

14753317_2144781459081196_2000510707291030387_o14721671_2143183685907640_6561495317240624700_nAs usual, New Yorkers came through! The parade was lit as expected and no disappointment at all. It would also mark my baby @DaGoldChain‘s first Halloween celebration where he got to dress not once but trice! First as Winnie The Pooh, then a rockstar before finishing it off as a baby Giraffe for the parade. He was perched up comfortably on my shoulders giving people the impression that I was carrying a baby doll as my costume! It wasn’t until he moved that they realized to their amazement the “baby doll” was an actual baby! Alas! I will let my photography work from the parade shown below do the talking! We had loads of fun!

Until next year…God willing!

To see enlarged version of images simply click on it. All rights reserved!

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Myself and DaGoldChain at his first Halloween parade


We’re obviously having so much fun!

14753807_10154763670581654_8537899897253722950_o 14853258_10154763670961654_5222909420870470370_o 14876551_10154763670216654_1902508378693656305_o
14889795_10154763671196654_3260797549712878007_o 14889989_10154763669281654_3485530764457415539_o 14890513_10154763671036654_23930727354030750_o 14918872_10154763669766654_2367171771323113988_o 14917123_10154763671376654_8054231668833922157_o 14906924_10154763671481654_4088436822392860352_n 14900484_10154763670271654_2559879176142912537_n 14938383_10154763669661654_1735492111433506067_n 14925643_10154763670071654_3938594868130652626_n 14939386_10154763670871654_5767019098789644015_o 14947674_10154763671056654_313566093284195123_n

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Traveling With Babies! OY!


First test of the folding stroller in NYC subway

I just for got back from my trip to the UK. My first time flying with a baby in tow. It wasn’t bad at all. A lot easier and FUN than I thought. My baby @DaGoldChain turned 9 months on this trip. Most mothers are not aware of flight bassinets readily available for babies under 24  pounds. No matter the class you fly, you will automatically get the bulk head seat IF you request for the in-flight bassinet! That is because the wall in front of you will be used in hooking up the bed!

Some of you sent me inbox/emails asking how he got around with his usual regular leather stroller seen all over his social media pages. Fret not, I managed to get my hands on the world’s smallest folding stroller long before it made it’s way to the states during my first trimester. I knew instantly I had to get have it when I saw it in Asia where it was actually invented. That was spring of 2015. I was able to put it to good use on this recent trip to the UK but not before testing it out here in NY (as seen in the subway picture above). You can imagine the flight attendants’ (and fellow passengers who insisted on knowing where to buy one) faces when I suddenly started folding the stroller and shoved it right into my bag at the gate! That took away the need to have to wait to check in the stroller at the gate and having to wait to retrieve it at the final destination! I literally rolled my baby out of the aircraft when we landed.

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Now imagine getting around in the underground in London. Absolutely no handicap/elevator access at most stations! A nightmare for mothers with bulky strollers! Luckily this only weighs 9 pounds and was foldable where it needed to be done and carry the baby by arm up the stairs or baby in the stroller. A life saver!


His usual leather stroller in NY


In-flight bassinet


Stonehenge UK

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West Indies Parade Delivered!


Mayor De Blasio showing his support for the Caribbean community

New York City’s true and finest, all races, ages and nationality from far and wide came out in full force to celebrate the West Indies parade in Brooklyn in real Caribbean fashion. The Eastern Parkway was lined with the best Caribbean cuisine and finery money could buy. Everything from jerk chicken to collard greens were on the menu long before the parade itself was underway. Participants of the parade usually spend months and quite a few quid preparing their costumes for the big day. They did not disappoint! Did I mention they now have vendors selling vegan caribbean food? As a proud vegetarian of 6 years, I was in my element!

Without further ado, featured below are some of the images I managed to capture before I myself soon found a plate full of baked cabbage and collard greens to binge on! To see larger format of the pictures, simply click on it. All rights reserved!

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Puerto Rican actress Rosie Perez stopped by with Governor Cuomo


1952 FDNY fire truck made an appearance

14183780_10154583383586654_2418914550482215552_n 14141841_10154583392071654_3631415624979333599_n
14192010_10154583395076654_7193276382484498659_n 14191984_10154583392891654_1187464415023234086_n 14192800_10154583394161654_1936689548620105165_n 14195266_10154583377851654_3879803076191841810_o 14196004_10154583395946654_9076056087297414940_o
14202635_10154583385856654_6392401556380903127_n 14199602_10154583382871654_2725562611547598561_n 14199415_10154583385351654_1050582220763133814_n 14199353_10154583396406654_4504617420068908638_n 14203202_10154583376376654_9034332988150391170_n 14212565_10154583381876654_4150983687389072333_n 14212767_10154583381546654_7364344136506158913_n 14224915_10154583394116654_3406620914245933242_n

14258317_10154583392761654_8957368846409291959_o 14258291_10154583394171654_1376093790039530801_o 14258196_10154583385316654_9097469192320695695_o 14257470_10154583383426654_7878396292499942096_o


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