Salon Art + Design

The iconic Park Avenue Armory is home again to the highly anticipated annual celebration of art and design in New York City, ongoing until Nov 13. The Salon Art + Design, produced by Sanford Smith and Associates, includes some of the most unique and rare designs ranging from vintage, modern to contemporary works of art from around the world. Some new, some sourced from family estates of by gone era. The fall art season certainly doesn’t disappoint! There’s something for everyone! The opening night on Nov 8, saw record sales and high attendance. Art aficionados and luminaries traveled far and wide to take in the opening.

I’m particularly intrigued by the classic craftsmanship of Trunks Company’s mobile wet bars cleverly designed in steaming trunk style. Expertedly handcrafted in Jaipur, India, the emerging brand has been well received worldwide and now aims to draw in the much coveted American market. Judging by the attention the company received in the few minutes I was there on opening night, it’s definitely off to a good start.

Preview the images below, some of which are my favorite picks. A highlight video reel is available on instagram and Facebook. Salon Art + Design exhibition is running until Nov 13.

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Village Halloween @50!

Half a century already?! Congrats Village Halloween on strutting up 6th Ave for the 50th time! The gawds of rain and thunder certainly heard the cries and prayers of the people. The rain held up, allowing celebrants from far and near, young and old, to celebrate New York City’s beloved Halloween Parade without any glitches! For the first time, since the covid haitus, I truly enjoyed myself! With 2 of my dearest friends in tow, dressed in full blown costumes, there was no room to slack! We made the most of it by staying in character as we danced our way up the parade route. My friends Ty-Ron Mayes wooed the crowd in professionally kitted Blacular (which he did himself), and Philip Bloch turned up as the adorable “cautionary boyfriend”, and yours truly decked out in blonde afro wig, vampire fangs and skeletal printed puffer… Alas! The unusually 3 musketeers sashayed through the parade gleefully!

Videos can be seen on my Facebook and instagram pages.

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Steuben Oktoberfest in New York

Just for one day, I proudly became a German today in honor of my children’s heritage, being part German themselves. I eagerly pulled out the only well tailored dirndl I acquired from a top notch boutique during my visit to Salzburg, Austria few years ago. Alas! I finally found the opportunity to wear it!

My little 5 year old princess, looked ever so adorable in her first dirndl. Together we set off to experience our very first Steuben!

We started off by partaking in the annual parade march on 5th Ave, and tapered off to the after party at the Central Park Summer Stage, where the beer and pretzels was abundant. The event did not disappoint at all. I was reminded of my first Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, Germany few years ago. It was nice to see similar effect here stateside, with everyone dressed the part in various styles and color schemes of dirndls and lederhosen, well fashioned on all ages and genders. I could see the pride and passion on reveler’s faces.

Until next year perhaps, prost! 🍺🍻

New York City Mayor Eric Adams proudly took part in the festivities.

My daughter & I with Mayor Eric Adams

The after party on Central Park

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Diner en Blanc Meatpacking Style

Another spin around the sun, and voila… It’s time for the all white out block party… Diner en Blanc time again! After attending and volunteering as a table leader for several years now, I decided to make my carryon a little less cumbersome. Literally, everything was hand carried, having no need to handy carts. This made the navigation through the required subway ride so much easier, a breeze! I kept the dishes and meals to a bare minimum, sushi deluxe neatly transfered to my plate, not needing to schlepp coolers for warm dishes, chopsticks on the ready, opted for sparkling water in order to be fully aware of the event with no alcohol effect. No handbags to worry about. My identifications and credit cards were nicely tucked in my back pocket. As a result, it ended up being the most relaxed and enjoyable experience for me! I had more freedom to move about and network, engage with my fellow revelers like never before. New York City Mayor Eric Adams was definitely on hand for the party of the season. He stopped by in bright white African damask garb to show the boys how it’s done! Bit of course, the screaming ladies barely let the poor man dance or see the floor. He was the star of the night, and they let him know it.

Naturally, wherever the mayor goes, you can expect throves of protesters. Freedom of soeech is still a fiber of our nation afterall. The protesters were nearby chanting to remind the Mayor of political matters at hand. Heavy police guards were quite noticeable, a first at Diner en Blanc. Needless to say, fun was had by all, nothing deflected the festive mood.

And a special thank you to our darling group leader John Sass, who made the best of what would have been a terrible situation by steering the ship in the right direction after we lost our original leader. After all of that, only to have his meal stolen by a wandering homeless man after we were seated! The organizers were kind enough to gift him a bottle of their best champagne! And the goodie bags John himself gifted us… priceless!

Until next year darlings, cheers!🥂🥳🎊

Click on images to enlarge.

Full video coverage is posted on instagram

Mayor Eric Adams

John Sass and me proudly holding my goodie bag.❤️🙏😃🥂🥳

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Harlem Fashion Week

Harlem Fashion Week 12 season took place at the newly opened swanky Rennaisance Hotel, right next door to the iconic Apollo theater yesterday. The organization presented 3 different shows with each comprising of 5 to 6 emerging designers. A winner in each case was selected by panel of judges to be mentored in the business of fashion by the organization.

I had the immense pleasure of being one of the judges! Prior to the show, a day before, a Business of Fashion Symposium took place where I was one of the esteemed panelists. Emmy Award Winning stylist to Beyonce’s Black is King phenomenon, Zerina Akers was the Keynote Speaker. We were all able to share our knowledge and expertise in the fields of fashion, styling and modeling with the audience.

The ultimate goal of the annual event is to help nuture emerging talents in various fields of fashion. Some notable Hip Hop legends, still riding on the success of the ongoing Hip-Hop at 50 celebration, blessed the affair with their presence. Celebrants included Ice T, DJ Hollywood, Doug E. Fresh, and Ralph McDaniels, who was honored as a cultural Icon. With such an event in iconic location as Harlem, it was inevitable for everyone to turn up and show out.

Click the images to enlarge.

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SoHoMuse @ NYFW

SohoMuse, a member only social network for the creative professionals… delivered a riveting fashion event at the iconic Guggenheim Museum yesterday!

Billed as “Latin Ignition”, it really lived up to its name! The event showcased a coterie of designers curated by Consuelo Vanderbilt, and co-hosted by the legendary Emilio Estefan, a pairing not many expected. Emilio Estefan in a fashion space? Yes indeed! The collaboration was in honor of uplifting the Latin community and designers, which included a very diverse bevy of models who showcased collections from a few designers from the SoHo Muse. The after party at the Rotonda was spectacular! Not one person in the building stood idle, everyone was on their feet dancing! A motion Emilio Estefan’s grammy winning spouse Gloria Estefan would approve of!

Watch the video on instagram to see highlights from the runway.

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Labor Day, Carnival Style

You know it’s officially the end of the summer season when masqueraders and titanic proportion speaker enhanced truckers pull through Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn blasting out classic Caribbean hits at the highest decibels! The event featured revelers from all walks of life, age and race! A very celebratory video can be seen on my instagram page. You definitely don’t want to miss watching it.

Below are some of the highlights I captured using my mobile camera. Click to enlarge. 😃

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James Cromwell for Animal Rights Movement

Fresh off my 3 week vacation, I barely pulled out my bags from the airport uber ride when I saw the protest march for animal rights parading through my neighborhood. Alas! I’m back in the big apple, US of A where freedom of speech was at play, and animals too get heard. Gotta love America for that.

The participants descended upon the luxury giant Louis Vuitton SOHO store, fully escorted by the police of course. The store was noticeably protected by security team and barricades. Obviously, they had been notified ahead of time and had taken the caution to prepare for the worst.

The movement was rather peaceful, peppered with blow horn assisted boos towards shoppers that streamed out of the store. Award winning Actor and activist James Cromwell was the main anchor who helped bring attention to their cause. He demonstrated the cruelty of animals for luxury by pouring what looked like real blood on the side walk in front of the store while chanting his messages of animal cruelty towards the store front.

The crowd peacefully dispersed shortly after. I asked a few of the participants how helpful they think it’ll be to achieve their goals with this march. I was told it’s been highly successful in the past, but simply had to do this to remind the brands of their now forgotten promises.

See the video footage of the march below and Click on images to enlarge.

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Barbie Goes To Millbrook

The effect of Barbiemania has officially reached the equestrian community, with big thanks to my beloved honorary Aunty Barbara Tober! The horse riding community had a chance to feel and taste a bit of the pink energy currently sweeping the world, much ado to the Barbie movie phenomenal success, to the tune of almost $400 million domestically at the box office, and showing no signs of slowing down!

The Millbrook Horse Trials for the first time since its debut in the 80s, had been on haitus for the past 4 years due to the covid pandemic. After several meetings and ponderings, Mrs. Tober was invited to help resurrect the annual equestrian festivities, with a full on support as one of the main sponsors, under the auspices of “Yellow Frame Farm”, her countryside residence. Inspired by her namesake, Barbara aka Barbie, decided to forgo the traditional horse jump for a Barbie themed version! I was called on to help source the appropriate sized Barbies. The 28–inch Barbies of every race ever produced (white, black, latina & Asian) were successfully acquired. Joanna Johnston, one of her managers was diligent and resourceful in pulling it all together cohesively. The jump was painted in the classic pink, 20 Barbies were cleverly arranged in accordance with the horse trials rules, making it the talk of the community. Not a soul (or horse) strolled by without a double take and a few selfies to mark the moment. Where else would you see a work of art as such? If anything, you saw it Millbrook first!

The patron viewing tent was not spared either! The Barbie theme carried over effortlessly, providing a chic and elegant “high tea” atmosphere, good enough for a royal family. The fete wouldn’t be complete without a Barbie cake, generously gifted by Elizabeth Mayhew of “The Dutchy of Millbook” to Mrs. Tober, shortly before she presented the winning ribbons & trophies to the riders.

Be sure to watch the short video reel below of Mrs Tober cutting the cake, horses jumping over the Barbie hurdle and more memorable moments from the blissful weekend at the Millbrook Horse Trials.

Click on the images below to view larger sized versions.

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Renee Cox: Future of Photography

World renowned photography artist Renee Cox’s riveting on going exhibition “A Proof of Being” at the Guild Hall in East Hampton, NY made my summer getaway there extra special. I’ve been to many photography exhibitions but none left my jaws on the gallery’s floor like Renee’s extraordinary work! With AI snapping at the delicate heels of humanity, or whatever is left of it, Renee’s body of work is making steadfast leaps and bounds breaking the usual norm in photography. I don’t think we mere mortals are quite ready for where Ms. Cox is taking photography. Granted we’ve got flying cars about to dominate our airways, Renee is doing just that with photography. Have you ever seen a thought provoking 3d photography play a rollercoaster ride right before your very eyes? Photo trimmed images of subjects in a kaleidoscope montage that’ll leave you craving a taste of Mars and beyond! Her work is futuristic to say the least. The viewer is taken to an out of body experience through photo story telling using self portraits, to a time far flung, yet near in an immersive series.

Renee’s youngest son Tosh, who stars in a few of the photographs was equally in awe of his mother. He saw the exhibition at the Guild Hall for the first time as well. I could only imagine how proud he must be of his mother.

Below are just a taste of what awaits you in East Hampton, on view until Sept. This is an exhibition not to be missed. Click on images to enlarge them, but I must say, it’s better experienced in person, especially the immersive photography projection, which you can preview the video on my instagram page here.

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