Bal A Versailles, A Night To Remember


While many companies moonlight as “non-profit” organizations throwing lavishing galas and pocketing the majority of the profit as “proceeds for charity”, a little known catering company “Fleurimond Catering” celebrated a 12 year anniversary of organizing lavish galas except that it’s for profit with proceeds going to charity! Now, that’s what I call a selfless act of courage! The brains behind the operation is non other than a petite hardworking Nadege Fleurimond who has taken advantage of her personal and professional networks to put together a party that could rival any mega million dollars and star studded fete. Yearly, she gathers her well established friends and colleagues dressed up to the nines as if going to the Oscars, and yes I mean complete elegance to dance, eat and network while at the same time donating some of the proceeds to charity! You see, she calls it what it is by making it transparent from the start that it’s not a “non-profit” affair. Annually, she chooses a charity organization of choice to benefit from the fete. This year, the the honor of the masquerade ball theme event went to Haiti Cultural Exchange. Nadege is Haitian by heritage, so it’s only befitting that she would use the opportunity to give back to her community.10272487_10101223464005122_1408718635900524281_o

I was honored to represent Shoeholics as one of the esteemed guests. For such a selfless cause, it was a no brainer to get the magazine to participate as well. Every lucky guests went home with a copy of Shoeholics magazine in their gift bags! I even came close to winning an iPad for “Best Mask”! I was the first runner up, loosing out to a lovely lady in gold lace mask whose picture I couldn’t stop taking prior to the contest. Her ensemble was old Hollywood glamour and the way the light kept hitting her as she danced made her a perfect photographer’s subject. I was enamored with her, along with about 3 other photographers who couldn’t get enough of her either. With a unique mask like that with draped white feathers over her gown certainly is deceiving of the award. I was happy to loose to such an elegant sight. I was so carried away that I completely forget to ask for her name! Silly me. Nevertheless, I had so much fun and made loads of new friends! Merci Beaucoup Fleurimond Catering! A bientot mon cheri!

To further help their cause please visit the Haiti Cultural Exchange

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