I just got back from my very first Barbie Convention and it was exactly as I had imagined it would be! Yes, there’s actually such a thing, in case you’re wondering. Some of you might not know of my doll collection and doll artistry which can be seen @dolliciouslife on instagram and Facebook (You can see the convention videos on instagram). I’ve been at it for quite sometime now, but it recently reached another height during the covid lockdown when we all had nothing but time and flashbacks. That was when many doll collectors like myself, started unboxing the precious little fellas displayed on shelves to begin what some of us now call a “dollstagram” community. We photograph dolls in fashion, dioramas, lifelike, etc. They helped fill a void for creativity during covid. I for one couldn’t photograph real models/celebrities for Shoeholics magazine at the time due to covid. Alas! The dolls opened my eyes to another life of miniature world of unlimited creativity. I soon found my niche making over dolls, placing them in life like photography. It caught the attention of Longhouse Reserve Museum in East Hampton, where I was invited to photograph on the property. It was featured in the July 2023 edition of Purist magazine, both digital and hardcopy released just in time for the debut of the highly anticipated Barbie movie. (Click on the magazine images below to enlarge it).

Doll collectors alike have since found a “home” on social media, where we share our collection, doll artistry and admiration of one another. Once a year, we gather in person at the convention to celebrate what we all have in common… dolls! Sometimes, dressing up and looking like a favorite doll comes with the territory. Gifts are given and exchanged, lifelong friendships are forged. It’s a joyous occasion many from around the world look forward to. We can’t wait until next year when Barbie celebrates her 65th birthday in Palm Springs! The ageless diva doesn’t look a day over 21! I’ll have whatever she’s having, please!

The highlight of the convention for me was when a beautiful young girl with Down Syndrome, Gigi asked me to be her Barbie and take pictures with her. She made my day! This is why I enjoy doing what I do. Loving life and light one day at a time, making myself and others happy. ❤️🙏

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