Biggest Barbecue Block Party EVER!

The other day Vegetarians had a more subtle parade in the city and now the meat eaters had their day just this weekend at what would be the 10th anniversary 2-day barbecue fair. Let’s just say that they do things a little bit more…hmm…dear I say…BIGGER compared to the vegetarians.

Barbecue grills and smokers were brought from far and wide, including cowboys from Texas, southern gentlemen from states like Alabama, Omaha and the likes turned the petite patch green land of Madison Square Park on 23rd street into a smoke and grilling yard with flames ablaze. It looked like 4th of July in Texas. Rain or shine, eager and hungry patrons snaked around in long lines waiting for their turn to get served. They all said it was worth the wait and even went back for some more. The park smelt really good I must admit and the fun fare was accompanied by a security controlled beer garden area where ID check was mandatory for the liquor contents being served, free soft drink giveaways by Zico and Cocacola, picnic blankets all around and live concert of country and R&B tunes. And before I forget, there was at least one tent grilling prawns for seafood lovers. So, no one was left out of the big block party celebration 🙂

As always, all photos by me of course. I hope you like my style of photography. Bon appetite 🙂

A very happy cleaning crew

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