Protest March In NYC: Black Lives Matter!

20150414_154004 copyI barely made it off the plane today from a lovely spring break trip to South Korea and Japan only to be met by a protest march to end injustice in America. An ugly reminder of how backward the country, “the land of the free” really is! I happen to have 2 black adult male friends living comfortably in Asia and I often wondered why they would choose to live in a country where they had to start fresh on culture and new languages. Upon seeing their live styles and calm spirit in their newly adopted countries, one look at their glowing skin and peace of mind says it all. While I’m still heavily jet lagged from my trip, I summoned up enough strength to join the march on Broadway heading downtown. After having spent a great time in Asia it pains me to see what is happening to my fellow people of color in America, especially the men who are being gunned down by cops without reason. Whether “they” like it or not, black lives matter! We’re not going anywhere!¬†For goodness sake, this is 2015 not 1853!

See the images below taken with my phone & watch the video footage to see what makes this country so great!


20150414_153957 copy 20150414_154209 copy 20150414_154750 copy 20150414_155104 copy 20150414_155254 copy


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