From Cannabis To Kidnapped Kids…One Busy Square

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You would never guess what I walked into while on my way to a much needed yoga class on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in NYC. In a city that never sleeps, anything goes. I walked into an ongoing Cannabis (#Marijuana, #420, #pot) rally where young and old supporters chanted and rallied about “fighting the power and not the flower”! I soon put my cell phone to work to capture the event. Naturally, you can expect a couple of actual weed smokers to fill through the cracks moonlighting as regular cigarette smokers. The distinctive stench was very present in the air. I personally have never smoked anything in my life but couldn’t resist snapping a shot with the giant weed mascot for my collection. I say better to legalize the “flower” and let’s call it a day! It would fetch good tax revenue for the government and reduce marijuana trade crime related bust and we can all be happy!

Meanwhile, across the street was another rally for the 200 kidnapped young girls in Nigeria. The supporters all wore colorful head wraps, a homage to the traditional attire of the native country where the abduction happened. Both events were at Union Square, a desired location for rallies and protests for centuries. It’s going to be one busy summer in the city this year. Namaste!

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Rally for the 200 kidnapped kids in Nigeria right across from the Cannabis parade on Union Square

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  1. Neil Cooke says

    Great piece Tinu, I believe a medical marijuana program in NY has the potential to save lives.

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