Dinner At LongHouse Reserve

Words can not begin to describe what a whirlwind life it has been since Saturday! After dipping out of the Veuve Clicquot polo match event in the city, bright and early, I hot tailed it to East Hampton with my dearest Jonathan Marder! I was invited by LongHouse Reserve and given an opportunity to showcase my doll artistry hobby as art on the sprawling grounds of the property. The breathtaking environment, and it’s well preserved natural surroundings featuring various art sculptures & installations offered a great backdrop for my doll photography. More on that later in July, not to give anything away.

As if the day wasn’t perfect enough, shortly after the photoshoot wrapped, the museum director Carriere Bora Barratt, on behalf of LongHouse Reserve, hosted a sumptous dinner party in my honor! High esteemed guests included, Dianne Benson, Lysbeth A. Marigold, Candace Bushnell. Renee Cox, Jonathan Marder, Daphne Merkin, Naomi Marks, Wendy Moona, Toni Ross and Ray Rogers.

Jason Amis, a celebrated highly skilled vegetarian/vegan chef did not disappoint! Some of the meat eating guests couldn’t believe they were feasting on meatless meals! It was that good!

I’m forever grateful for the new friendship I’ve forged with these lovely ladies and gentlemen. I returned late Sunday night thanks to Daphne Merkin & her lovely daughter who drove Jonathan & I back to the city. My heart was full, humbled, grateful and thankful for everyone’s kind words, and appreciation for my artistic medium. I’m particularly thankful to my dear Jonathan Marder for connecting the museum and my art, effectively putting my little hobby on a bigger platform. I hope this colorful road of joyful artistry takes us further beyond our expectations. I can’t wait to share more in July. Stay tuned! 🙏

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Style For Strength by Donna Karan

What better way to celebrate America’s heros than to call on your nearest and dearest friends and fellow designers to pitch in?! The legendary, trailblazing iconic designer Donna Karan did just that today, along with Cheri Kaufman. Donna reached out to some of the leading and fellow fashion designers in the industry to come up with innovative ways to upcycle, recreate and reimagine military attires as wearable fashion for citizens to wear. Items were on view at the star studded “Style for Strength” soiree yesterday where there were several frantic bidders vying for the one of a kind creations. Many of the unique designs were by Rebecca Moses, Frederick Anderson, Donna Karan, Terry Singh, Thom Browne, Michael Kors, Peter Dundas, Tommy Hilfiger, et.al. The affair was a smashing success! Proceeds from the sale will benefit US veterans in need of recovery from PTSD using the RTM Protocol. The event is expected to continue annually.

One of the highlights for me was getting kissed on the cheeks by Donna Karan herself the moment I walked into the venue. 🎉🥳😃❤️

Be sure to check out the video footage and images below…

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Frederick Anderson feat. Natasha Bedingfield

The title almost looks like concert. Doesn’t it? Frederick Anderson raised the bar last night, effortlessly merging fashion into music…literally. The iconic Nebula nightlife temple converted into a mega power fashion venue with the legendary Natasha Bedingfield filling the vast room with her powerful vocals belting out some of her hits. Models clad in jaw dropping resort 2024 collection in detailed knits and lace by the super talented Frederick sashayed down the runway shortly after. Natasha (who had 2 changes wearing the collection) soon helped close the show by walking and dancing hand in hand with the designer.

As you know, if you’re a true New Yorker, no party is complete without the Mayor’s presence. Eric Adams showed up just in time for the after party to congratulate the designer. Fellow designer and close friend of Frederick Anderson Nicole Miller was on hand as well. The show was a smashing success, especially with DJ Young Paris at the after party turntable! Safe to say, Frederick Anderson outdid himself with this one and is fast becoming synonymous with top notch shows and parties in the big apple! When going to a Frederick Anderson event, you can expect nothing but the best!

Preview the video footage and images below.

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Women’s Safe Passage, the MAG Gala

The Luisa Diaz Foundation, Mi Amor Gala, aka MAG Gala, kicked off its 9th anniversary at the iconic Plaza Hotel with all the spring gala season box checked off. The room was filled with who’s who of philanthropy, all more than happy to support the former Venezuelan beauty queen, foundation founder Luisa Diaz. Luisa set out almost a decade ago, to start a foundation to help combat victimized women in abusive relationships, taking from her own grandmother’s bad experience at the hands of her grandfather. She’s made it her mission to help victimized women regain their foothold in the society through the foundation. Some of these women were present at the gala tonight, where they were honored and championed.

The gala was hosted by none other than New York’s news anchorman Ernie Anastos. Other esteemed guests included Jean Shafiroff, who dazzled in B.Michael couture ball gown. Sasha Prendes serenaded the audience in Jovani. Actress & model Alison McDaniel held her own, also in Jovani couture on the red carpet, while the gracious hostest and foundation founder Luisa Diaz dazzled in Anne Fountaine caped golden gown. And of course, yours truly came forth in Alice and Olivia, acquired few yrs ago but finally got the chance to bring it to life tonight.

I’m exceptionally proud of Luisa for all that she’s done for these amazing women by using her platform & network to promote kindness, love and compassion. Bravo Principessa!

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The Queen’s Ball, A Bridgerton Experience

Super fans of Bridgerton, the hit TV series by Netflix, had a chance to dip their millennial toes in the Regency London period by way of New York. The immersive celebration encouraged guests to dress up in period garbs, enabling some to get creative as their favorite characters from the series. The pomp and circumstance (complete with “portrait painting”) had no shortage of courtiers, Page Boys, Vallets, Ladies-in-waiting…and dare I say, the majestic Queen Charlotte herself. Her loyal subjects didn’t hesitate to curtsy and bow upon her entrance into the “throne room”. The affair was perfectly timed to promote the debut of the spin-off Queen Charlotte series on Netflix.

Lady Whistledown could be heard but unseen…filing the airways with the much needed and highly anticipated gossip… I mean agenda of the occasion.

The 90 minute soiree gave the guests their beloved love story of a young Queen Charlotte and Prince George, expertedly choreographed by actors of course. Even I almost forgot they weren’t the real thing!

Be sure to see it for yourself in the video footage below.

Click on images below for enlarged version.

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Easter & Bonnet Festival NYC Style

Alas! I finally made it out to the much talked about annual Easter and Bonnet Festival in NYC. I must say, it far exceeded my expectation. What I thought would be a zip zap 30 min photo dumb, turned out to be at least 3 hours of jaw dropping staring at endless creativity moment. Apparently this used to be a festival once reserved for the upper class with fineries to show off amongst themselves shortly after attending Easter church service. Fast forward to the social media infused, free spirited age and you’ve got every upper to working class, every gender types mingling at one of the most highly anticipated festival in the city!

Without further ado, please preview the video footage below and click on images to enlarge them when desired.

Happy Easter! 🐰🌸🌹🐇😃

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Met Museum Women’s Day Celebration

The 16th annual celebration of women at the Met Museum couldn’t have come at a better time! The world is in a political turmoil, advancement of global feminism and achievements are at the greatest risks than they’ve even been before. Look no further than the exploitation of women at such places as Afghanistan, at the helm of Talibans, where women are feared for their intelligence and existence than a tangible weapon of mass destruction. The Met Museum raised a high virtual roof tonight, to sing the praises of 4 influencial women shaping the world in their own special ways. Kathy Hochul, 57th Governor of New York State, H. M. Agnes Hsu-Tang, Board Chair, New-York Historical Society, Nydia Velázquez, Congresswoman, U.S. House of Representatives, D-NY 7th District, and Jasmine Wahi, Founder and Co-director, Project for Empty Space.

Beaming with pride and joy were Jasmine Wahi’s parents who came from out of town to witness the affair. It’s every parents dream to see their offsprings in such regards. I can’t wait for my little ones to read this one day. Ahem….no pressure. 🙈

The soiree offered a live band, premium open bar and passed Hors D’oeuvre. The Met Museum spared no expense! The event was complimentary to the guest. A rarity for such an establishment in New York! All you had to do was secure an invitation, show up in your fineries and celebrate!

Until next year, cheers to all women around the world! 🥂🎉🥳

Gov Kathy Hochul
H. M. Agnes Hsu-Tang
Jasmine Wahi
Jasmine Wahi’s parents
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Shantell Martin Launches Fonts

It’s not everyday that you get to witness history in the making when it comes to just about anything these days. I couldn’t pass up celebrating the launch of a new font by my dear sis, Shantell Martin, with the help of ArrowType founder Stephen Nixon at the NeueHouse in NewYork!

Shantell is famous for using words in her artwork in the Oculus at the World Trade Center, in New York City, and for her music and art collaboration with Kendrick Lamar at Art Basel in Miami. She’s turned her dyslexia into an artform, ensuring it doesn’t hinder but advance her vocation and livelihood, a successful one at that! The world renowned British-Nigerian visual artist and philosopher has now delved into a new territory, a new medium to share with the world her handwriting style by way of fonts. Already in use by over 3 million people within the first week of its debut! So next time you’re in dyre need of fresh new fonts, be sure to try out the “Shantell Sans”. They’re rather cute and definitely different, I must say. 😃🥳❤️

(Enlarge pictures below by clicking on it.)

The launch at NeueHouse, NYC
Shantell Martin signs my poster.
Moderator Joseph Cohen, ArrowType founder Stephen Nixon and Shantell Martin
Group Selfie
Shantell Martin
Douglas Turner and Theo Coulombe in attendance
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Fashion for Caregiver Appreciation Day

Who else would dare pull off a charity luncheon within a month and have a sold out venue? Only Frederick Anderson! With his million dollar mega watt smile, cheerful and bubbly personality, who could say no to him when he called out to his friends! It took me only seconds to secure my ticket! This is what happens when you surround yourself with genuine and caring people. As the saying goes in my home country Nigeria, you put out genuine love, you get back genuine love. The Luncheon was in celebration of Caregiver Appreciation Day, which benefitted CaringKind in honor of his mother who is living with Alzheimers. Frederick Anderson’s sister Mrs. Thomas, the current and sole caregiver flew into the big apple to join the festivities. Frederick gave a moving speech to thank his sister’s unconditional dedication to the care of their mother, all while holding back tears. Models showcased some looks from his current and upcoming collection, with a potion of the proceeds benefitting the research organization. Visit www.caringkindnyc.org for more details on supporting the cause.

Frederick Anderson
Frederick Anderson, Mrs. Thomas and Louis Finley
Louis Finley, Luisa Diaz
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The Tober Chandelier at the Met Opera

Next time you’re inside the Metropolitan Opera house in New York City, be sure to play close attention to the vast ceiling above you. I know it might be hard for you to look up from your cell phones these days, but I beseech you to look up! The over 4000 crystals of shining grandeur of Illumination designed by Hans Harald Rath, was dedicated to the philanthropist, business trailblazer, innovator, Donald Tober (who passed away on Jan 15, 2021) by his beloved wife and dearest friend of mine, Barbara Tober. I keep telling my own husband if our bond is weaker by even the slightest…I’d move his behind to the slowest suburbia one can find in America. I’ve looked up to these two for quite some time now. Their deep love and decades old marital bliss is admirable. Barbara keeps the memory of her dearly departed husband alive every blessed day! Donald’s name is being immortalized on plaques, and other generous donations around the country. I’m very fortunate to have known him before his passing. He’s one of the most kind and gentle natured being I’ve ever met in this town. The love and support, the turn out of his nearest and dearest friends at the Met Opera house today (despite the threatening storm), goes to show the kind of man he was. As the saying goes, when you put out good karma, you get the same back. Donald and Barbara continue to be excellent role models for all those around them.

Another notable art to observe while there is the conceptual work by Rashid Johnson, the first African American artist ever to have work displayed in the historical building. Advantageously placed at the staircase landing of the Grand Tier, the very center of the vast hall, essentially. I cleverly positioned myself for a few memorable shots of course. Images are further down below.

Barbara Tober
Barbara Tober, Millie Bratten
Adam Johnson, Ted Taylor
Patrick McMullan
Caterine Sanchez, Cheryl Riley

The following images are courtesy of Patrick McMullan photo agency:

Jonathan Marder and Carrie Rebora Barratt
Machine Dazzle, Cheryl R. Riley, Bradley Strauchen-Scherer, Erich Scherer and Barbara Winston
Ted Taylor, Adam Johnson and Barbara Tober
Cheryl R. Riley and Tinu

The following are images of me with artwork by the renowed Rashid Johnson

Conceptual work by Rashid Johnson
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