Celebrating Buddha’s Bday In A Kimono!

11188183_10153362016246654_3789126738206191415_nAfter my 4th visit to Japan and 8th to Korea just shy of 2 weeks, today NYC celebrates Buddha’s birthday and I didn’t waste time in joining the revelers! Obviously still in the spirit of the Asian culture, I unpacked one of my favorite vintage kimonos paired it with my super high Geisha inspired platform shoes to get in the mood of the festivities. But changed before the ceremony at the park not to take away the spotlight from the monks.

NYC Asian community, particularly Koreans, assembled some of the top Buddhist monks in the city for a formal celebration at the park. Don’t ask me how I ended up in the official group portrait, but I did! I was lucky to have actually visited the birthplace of Buddha in Banaras, India few years ago.11150640_10153362128196654_317940664274359637_n-1

And no, I am not a buddhist but you could very well call me one, by association. I respect for all types of religion, as long as its main focus is about peace and equality.

And no, those shoes are not toys but a true work of art! Click here to see me walk in them.

Next year, I might opt for the Korean Hanbok, which I happen to own as well. You can see a picture of that on my instagram page 🙂

Happy birthday Buddha! Namaste everyone!

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Me at Buddha’s birthplace in Banaras, India

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