Black Beauty Matters!

Well…so it seemed on Randall’s Island in New York City yesterday at the annual Curl Fest on July 27 when the city felt the power in numbers of strong black women (and some men) on the island. The festival celebrates the uniqueness of black beauty mainly in it’s natural form. An initiative to emphasis the love and appreciation of black beauty, skin, hair, and feminism. It gives voice and empowerment even to the most timid of people. The sheer numbers of black women in various forms of black culture and fashion, contrasting on the big lush green lawn at the park leaves one in amazement.

Participants from far and wide usually spend months preparing their attires and hair try outs in anticipation of the big day. The revelry lasted the entire afternoon after braving the long lines and bright sun to enter the venue. Once inside, one quickly forgets the long wait to get it.

I for one had a great pleasure taking in the affair with my nearest and dearest while making new friends as well. The energy crusing through everyone, aided by the booze from the bar and afrobeat blasting from the stage was definitely contagious. It almost felt like an outdoor night club. A perfect remedy for a hot summer day.

Of course, my 12-inch (folks from dolliciouslife) entourage didn’t miss a beat either. Be sure to view their pictures further below.

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Ps: outfit and parasol (umbrella) by Omode

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