Diner en Blanc Meatpacking Style

Another spin around the sun, and voila… It’s time for the all white out block party… Diner en Blanc time again! After attending and volunteering as a table leader for several years now, I decided to make my carryon a little less cumbersome. Literally, everything was hand carried, having no need to handy carts. This made the navigation through the required subway ride so much easier, a breeze! I kept the dishes and meals to a bare minimum, sushi deluxe neatly transfered to my plate, not needing to schlepp coolers for warm dishes, chopsticks on the ready, opted for sparkling water in order to be fully aware of the event with no alcohol effect. No handbags to worry about. My identifications and credit cards were nicely tucked in my back pocket. As a result, it ended up being the most relaxed and enjoyable experience for me! I had more freedom to move about and network, engage with my fellow revelers like never before. New York City Mayor Eric Adams was definitely on hand for the party of the season. He stopped by in bright white African damask garb to show the boys how it’s done! Bit of course, the screaming ladies barely let the poor man dance or see the floor. He was the star of the night, and they let him know it.

Naturally, wherever the mayor goes, you can expect throves of protesters. Freedom of soeech is still a fiber of our nation afterall. The protesters were nearby chanting to remind the Mayor of political matters at hand. Heavy police guards were quite noticeable, a first at Diner en Blanc. Needless to say, fun was had by all, nothing deflected the festive mood.

And a special thank you to our darling group leader John Sass, who made the best of what would have been a terrible situation by steering the ship in the right direction after we lost our original leader. After all of that, only to have his meal stolen by a wandering homeless man after we were seated! The organizers were kind enough to gift him a bottle of their best champagne! And the goodie bags John himself gifted us… priceless!

Until next year darlings, cheers!🥂🥳🎊

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Full video coverage is posted on instagram

Mayor Eric Adams

John Sass and me proudly holding my goodie bag.❤️🙏😃🥂🥳

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