Dinner With The Queen!

2015-10-02 00.14.25_wmDinner with the Queen…ok ok on Broadway in NYC. Looking for a perfect spot for a night out with the girls or perhaps a special place to put some spice in that long precious relationship with your significant other? Look no further than Queen of the Night, an erotic theatrical show on Broadway with juicy, mouthwatering gourmet meal thrown in the mix. This is not your average Broadway show with the cliche Cirque like tricks that would leave you yawning. Oh no dear friend. This is a full blown interactive dinning experience with one of the hottest performance on Broadway right now.

Remember to say yes to everything and be open minded. Leave your hang ups at home and definitely the kids! Be sure to go hungry because you might leave in tears regretting you have no room for the juicy roast leg of lamb, lobster, salmon wellington or seasoned veggies! I kid you not folks, the food is to die for! That alone will get me to go back over and over again! Worth every penny!

Below is a recording I did of just one of the many awesome acts at the show before my phone died, and of course images of my surrounding as there were many, and I mean many things going on all at once. So keep your eyes peeled and look around the room.

Queen of the Night, located at the Paramount Hotel in NYC. ENJOY! 🙂

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