Empty Times Sq on New Year’s Eve

As corona virus brought the world to its knees in 2020, so is the case for Times Square. The crossroad of the world was not spared, not even while exiting what has become a miserable year for billions of humans worldwide. Ms. Rona has humbled us all. Life as we know it is now almost a memory. Social distance has become the norm. Times Square became a forbidden path for any gathering, especially on New Year’s Eve to watch the crystal ball drop. The crossroads is now barricaded up to prevent any kind of gathering besides the press and performers. The entertainment tonight is to be anchored by Jennifer Lopez and televised for the world to see. That ought to draw in good ratings for the network, I suppose.

Could this actually be the new way of life on Times Square during New Year’s eve going forward? We can only hope and pray for a better 2021. Happy New Year!

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