A Giant Step On Equality For Gay Rights

OMG! Have you heard?!

As of today June 26, 2013: The United States Supreme Court just declared the Defense of Mariage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional. Now, validly married gay couples cannot be denied more
than 1000 rights allowed under the law to heterosexual couples. The Supreme Court of the United States has just dismissed California’s Proposition 8. Now same-sex couples will be allowed to marry in the state of California. Basically saying the Supreme Court did not rule on same-sex marriage, but allows states to determine who can be married, eliminates federal government’s interference with rights conferred by marriage. This is a good step towards the ultimate destination. Folks in California can now breathe easier.

This news couldn’t come at a better time. This week also happens to be Gay Pride week which will be concluded this coming weekend with a flamboyant parade in New York City. There’s now more reason to celebrate and be merry! Equality for all! Yes hunty! 🙂

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