Fashion: Garden of Eden Seems To Be The New Trend

Rihanna and Melissa

Have you been noticing a lot of floral designs and pattern matching from head to toe lately.

Givenchy resort 2014 collection

Me, checking out the look at Zara

As seen on the streets of NYC

Something spectacluar for the guys.

It appears that could be the “reigning” look of the season and beyond! No longer required to wear color blocking to break off a busy pattern. It is now “IN” to actually wear matching patterns. Who knew! Leading designers such as Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana are already paving the way for trend in their resort and fall 2014 collection respectively. Fast fashion retail giants are already cashing in ahead of the trend by stocking the looks in their stores starting this summer. I managed to try on a set during my visit to a Zara store recently. While there, a store nearby also displayed a bolder exotic set for men on a mannequin. The look is already making its way to the streets, on people out and about, including Rihanna!

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From Dolce & Gabbana fall 2014 collection

The legendary Cher

Solange Knowles


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