Getting Tickets To The Met Ball

Want to attend the biggest night in fashion industry, aka the Met Ball? This is how it works: You have to get a designer to love you enough to sponsor the $25k a seat ticket and in return you have to “advertise” the designer’s frock by wearing it to the ball. You will notice several of the stars posing in media pictures with high profile designers whose designs they’re wearing. It’s no coincidence. Every seat is accounted for in $$$$.  It’s a charity affair, meaning no freebies. The stars get the press for being “best dressed” and the exposure that comes with it and the designer gets the added profile of seeing their designs on a star for media exposure. Everybody wins! So if you want that ticket, make sure you have a golden award statue on your mantle or a deep pocket to smooch your way in. For instance, pictured below are team Stella McCartney, team Philip Green of the 4 models wearing designs from Top Shop and team Marchesa respectively at the event.

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