Pre Halloween Bash: Punk Rocking It!

2013Just when I thought I was sick and tired of all things spiked, this huge spiked shoulder corset top came my way when I received an invitation to a punk rock theme birthday/pre-Halloween party with a few of my close friends this Saturday. I have to say it would be my very first time going full on rock in my life and I’m in love! I left no stones unturned, had ear cuffs, rings and faux hawk with my own hair for full effect. I felt confident, daring and dare I say it …FEARLESS! I might just adopt this look for a while and ride this one out all the way. I’m enjoying this new phase in my life. Life is too short for hang ups and nuances. I would gladly try anything at least once! The party was beyond FUN! Thanks to my friends Celine, Eric, Cocoa, Pierre, Bryan and Brenda for such a lovely weekend! 🙂

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Pierre Cunningham


Eric & Pierre

20131019_204004 copy

Birthday girl Celine


Naughty Cocoa

20131019_191422x copy

My skull embellished shoes

20131019_190515xx copy 20131019_193206x 20131019_214738 copy 20131019_220235 copy 20131019_235810x

IMG_0275 copy

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