Halloween Has Cometh!

14753317_2144781459081196_2000510707291030387_o14721671_2143183685907640_6561495317240624700_nAs usual, New Yorkers came through! The parade was lit as expected and no disappointment at all. It would also mark my baby @DaGoldChain‘s first Halloween celebration where he got to dress not once but trice! First as Winnie The Pooh, then a rockstar before finishing it off as a baby Giraffe for the parade. He was perched up comfortably on my shoulders giving people the impression that I was carrying a baby doll as my costume! It wasn’t until he moved that they realized to their amazement the “baby doll” was an actual baby! Alas! I will let my photography work from the parade shown below do the talking! We had loads of fun!

Until next year…God willing!

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Myself and DaGoldChain at his first Halloween parade


We’re obviously having so much fun!

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