Fashion: The Most Affordable “Couture” Heelless Shoes!

My personal total count is now at 3 with the latest being the most affordable that will get the most wear since the others are more like collectibles to be placed on mantles. Well…that is just a dream. I intend to wear them all!

Many fashionistas thought the heelless would come and go but that is not appearing to be the case. Each season major brand names like Alexander McQueen and Giuseppe Zanotti keep coming up with newer and revised versions of their previous heelless collection. Case in point, Giuseppe Zanotti just unleashed a new series of beaded, exotic and crystal studded version, different from the teaser plain gold leather version he first showcased last year, which I couldn’t help myself but to get one. For the Fall season, he went further with the show stopping, megawatt heavy duty crystals that left jaws wide open earlier on this year. Top retailers are jumping in on the action such as Zappos offering the casual wooden platform version for everyday wear, Neiman Marcus selling the plain suede versions in black and red colors, and international couture online retailer Farfatch offering up a genuine snakeskin python design.

So, what’s not to like? The market has every styles and price range. I for one recently bought a pair by Privileges for only $70 bucks! I had never heard of the designer before until yesterday when I spotted it in a store’s window in SOHO. Just seconds after paying for it another lady in my size came in asking for it but was told I had just bought the last size 10. Wow! Talk about luck.

Rihanna (image shown below) wore hers with socks to her 24th birthday party. Not exactly my preferred way of wearing it tough. Socks with open toes? Hmm…this killed it for me 🙁

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