In Kimono For Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

I finally made an effort to visit the Botanical Garden in Brooklyn today for the very first time! It was well worth the wait. The Garden had a 2-day celebration of the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival. It was not to be missed. I made lots of new friends at the event and got to discover many types of flowers and trees. I had no idea such a unique garden was right here in the city. Naturally, I dug through my closet to find one of the many classic silk Kimonos I bought during my visit to Kyoto, Japan a few years ago.  This event was a perfect excuse I needed to wear it in New York City. Upon my arrival at the garden, I saw many others in Kimonos as well. I guess we all got the unofficial dress code memo. Nevertheless, I felt right at home and had loads of fun.

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