Jonah Hill Uses Homophobic Slur

22 Jump Street actor Jonah Hill has been known to be an advocate of Gay rights and was vocal against the Russia Olympic Gay phobia when all of that went down. But how do you explain his homophobic slur against a paparazzi caught on tape in California saying, “Suck my dick, faggot!”? He has since been on a TV talk show whirlwind apologizing left and right about the slur that could potentially damage the ticket sales of his new movie and his entire career! This now leaves me to think twice about celebrities championing gay rights for their own benefits, press exposure and gaining fans in the gay community when in fact deep down in their hearts they are the opposite. I believe that people generally speak their REAL mind when angry before calming down and realizing the damage. Anger amplifies what we humans really think and not the other way around. Granted, paparazzi can be a pest but to attack them back is pointless because you only end up giving them what they want. Jonah had to apologize and look sincere if he wants to save his movie and career. Oh dear…

Well, view the Oscar worthy apology below.

View the actual footage of the attack caught on tape by TMZ

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