The Killing of 20 Kids In The US, Stabbing In China

My heart goes out to all the victims in Connecticut, US, to the parents, as well as survivors of the devastating shoot out that took more than 20 young lives. No one should have to go through that all, least of all the young unarmed kids just starting out their lives.

Please correct me if I am wrong. It just hit me. Did I read somewhere that the gunman used his mother’s registered semi automatic gun? Has anyone stopped to wonder what the mother was doing with such a gun in the first place as an elementary school teacher? Is semi automatic allowed as one of the “right to bear arms” type of weapon? She must have been part of CIA/Secret Service or something. Just asking…it just dawned on me now. Hmm…again, just asking.

Innocent people are always victims of this so called “right to bear arm” rules that has taken so many lives in the US. When will someone wake up and take fun control more serious? NRA please, are you listening to their cries for mercy? This is not helping anyone at all. But then again, we heard of another man stabbing 22 people in China just yesterday. So what really gives? Gun, gas, knives, fire…sigh…

God help us all. 🙁

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