Kim Kardashian Clears The Rumors About Her Wedding

tumblr_n54k4y0VxV1r6p3e7o1_500If you’re a big fan of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian reality show, then you are in for a big let down. Amid reports of several A list celebrities refusing to attend simply because they do not want to appear on the reality show should there be a camera present during the ceremony. Furthermore, her fiancee Kanye West is not keen on being a part of the show at all and Kim has been busy revamping her image, especially after bagging the coveted Vogue magazine cover. So in her own words via twitter, this is what she had to say to straighten out the rumors! This must have cost them millions of dollars in endorsements compared to her previous wedding where the TV rights was sold to E online and look at how that marriage turned out. Guess she’s now realizing that not all money is good money. Good for you Kim!

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