Lupita Nyongo’s Stolen $150k “Pearl” Dress

25F7D0D300000578-2970553-image-m-20_1424966710410OUCH! This is embarrassing! Last week, Lupita Nyong’s Oscar red carpet dress was reportedly stolen from her hotel room in Hollywood shortly after the awards. I honestly don’t think the dress was ever stolen but more of a PR stunt (thieves never give stuff back) and have always known those pearls weren’t real. The value of the dress is valued at $150k because that’s the perception the designer (Calvin Klein) wants for the press, thought to be made of real pearls. Now the truth has been uncovered. The dress was reportedly returned by the thieves in a garbage bag after discovering it’s made entirely of fake pearls. Do they not know of the teeth test? Duh! Yawn…anything for press.

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