Rare Creations by Madame Coco Chanel Herself


The house of Chanel is known for breathtaking couture creations, especially while under the auspices of German Karl Lagerfeld. The brand is synonymous with luxury and status. However, the designs created by the founder of the label, Madame Gabrielle Coco Chanel are rare gems and extremely valuable just like paintings by Monet and dare I say, the Mona Lisa! Much like painting, the works of a deceased artist goes up in value. Here are some of the creations by Coco Chanel herself during her time at the label in 1920s-60s. These are SO TIMELESS!

By 1914, Chanel was designing and selling the type of comfortable knit daywear that she first began making for herself. This style of knit suit, reminiscent of her own schoolgirl uniform, remained a constant throughout her career and became a staple in women’s wardrobes. The symmetrically placed pockets and buttons are functional, but also act as the suit’s only adornment.88.72.3_20100607_01_web

Chanel often used modest materials and subdued colors, but, as these scalloped flounces attest, her technique retained couture’s impeccable craftsmanship. She championed simple clothes that reflected a modern lifestyle and attitude. In response to Poiret’s charge that her style was “poverty de luxe,” Chanel replied, “simplicity does not mean poverty.”

P83.39.8_20070419_01_webGabrielle “Coco” Chanel is often said to have “invented” the Little Black Dress. In reality, other designers, such as Premet, had already sold innumerable simple black dresses, like “La Garçonne,” neatly trimmed with white lace collars, years before Chanel made a splash with her little black dress of 1925, which Vogue dubbed a “Fashion Ford.” Nevertheless, Chanel was influential in popularizing this and many other quintessentially modern styles.

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