Man Hit By Car In NYC: Accident or Suicidal

I personally have a bad habit of jay walking in the city but what I witnessed today had me thinking and reflecting. On a beautiful spring day in NYC, on a Friday when denizens were getting ready to enjoy some happy hour with friends and then suddenly we’re stopped in our tracks on 3rd ave when a loud bang rippled through the sidewalks. Alas! A man had been hit! People suggested that he was suicidal by intentionally jumping in front of a moving car and clearly, it wasn’t his light to cross the street in the first place. Nevertheless, there he was, on the floor in what appeared to be lifeless. Luckily for him, there was a brain (neuro) doctor in our midst who attended to him. He was soon dismissed as soon as the EMT arrived. Many of us just stood there stunned while I locked my phone on record to capture this footage below. The driver of the car stood by the whole time in a state of shock. Hey who knows what this footage could unveil in the investigation that soon followed. Scores of police officers swamped the location with tapes and cameras to detail the scene assisted also by local attorney (visit their homepage to learn details). You would have easily mistaken it for a scene in a CSI New York series or something. I hope he gets well. This is some serious stuff!

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