Marijuana Legalization Protest Rally In NYC

You guessed it! There’s a parade/festival for everything under the sun in New York City and the Marijuana legalization protest rally was no different.

I’ve never smoked anything in my life but couldn’t resist what was going on just a few blocks from my place. Upon hearing it was a “Ganga Rally”, I quickly slipped on my Ganga smoking Lion shirt, figured it’s a good day to wear it.

On Saturday, May 4 2013, closeted users and outspoken supporters joined the movement at the rally to publicly voice and exercise their civil liberties, freedom of speech at Union Square. Political dignitaries looking for mayoral votes and ex cop/detective turned activist (Joanne Naughton) gave speeches and educated the public on some of the failed drug laws in the country. Despite a few active duty cops on hand to help make sure it was a non violent protest, a few denizens lit up joints to while away the time while they chanted and rejoiced at what could soon be a Cannabis friendly stateĀ  to join the ranks of Colorado and Washington States that already legalized the use of Marijuana since late 2012. More rallies are happening across the country each day, all asking for the same liberties.

Preview the video footage below to see the event of the day.

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Guest speaker ex cop/detective Joanna Naughton


The organizer

The march to Union Sq

The rally at Union Square

The rally's Grand Marshall "Ganga Granny"

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