Minna Parikka: Queen of Whimsical Shoes!

I am now a proud owner of 2 pairs of some of the most whimsical ballerina flats in the market right now. The Finnish designer, Minna Parikka made a pit stop in New York City on her way to the Caribbean from Finland just to deliver these lovely colorful and playful ballerina pairs to MOI! What a surprise! I honestly didn’t see it coming and this would be my very first time meeting the talented designer in person! I must say, it feels good to be appreciated, no matter the size of the gesture, every little thing counts. Thank you so much Minna!

Shoeholics Magazine featured her shoes in the summer print edition (pages shown below), now in stores and this was her way of saying thank you! And to think she wasn’t even the only designer featured! How cool was that? The generosity is so unparalleled! I promise to use them in good health and spirit!

Please my dear friends, check out the brand’s online store to see many other colors of these gorgeous flats! They are so adorable!

The image farther below are pages in Shoeholics Magazine of her designs featured in the fantasy “Dinning Out” story.

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