“Inside The Great Minds of Magazine Makers” -OMG! I’M IN IT!

20150925_131853xxI am eating a big humble pie as I write this note. And why? Well, I never thought I would ever see my name printed among publishing industry greats and interviewed by the highly respected and revered Mr. Magazine! His highly anticipated book, “Inside The Great Minds of Magazine Makers” just came out and guess who’s in it and highlighted on the cover? Yours truly!

I am forever grateful for the opportunity Mr Samir Husni. And to think I almost passed this up owing to not wanting to discuss to much about Shoeholics magazine rise against all odds in the very competitive world of publishing. I’m so glad I made this exception and can now count the lovely gentleman, Husni as a dear friend I can trust in the industry.

In case you want to get an idea of what we talked about…visit SHOEHOLICS for details and feel free to grab your copy of the book as well. Great read!

Thank you so much 🙂20150925_132839x20150925_132715x


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