Nowruz at NYC’s Gracie Mansion

I had the honor of attending my very first Nowruz celebration today. I was elated upon getting an invitation via email from the Mayor’s office. Mayor Eric Adams, never one to miss an opportunity to put a much needed stamp on the ever expanding diversity dna of New York City, hosted the 2nd annual Nowruz at the Gracie Mansion earlier today. The official date of the Persian New Year was on March 19, but that didn’t deter the Mayor from hosting the sumptous feast at the people’s house.

Betty Emamian, an avid champion of Iranian culture and traditions in NYC, an active board member and Director of Communications for the annual Nowruz NY Persian Parade, was crucial in organizing what would be the second ever Nowruz celebration, in collaboration with the Mayor at the Gracie Mansion. NYC is home to a vast number of Iranian community. It’s only befitting to have such an event in honor of the community and also to highlight the diverse fabric of the city. Guests from all sectors of religion, such as Persian Christian, Jews, Muslims, non Persians from far flung regions, were all present! The soirée was complete with live Persian band, entertainment, sumptous tasty meals and a prominently displayed Haft Sin, a traditional Nowruz table featuring 7 items of various representation.

It was a very well thought out affair. Prior Mayors before Eric Adams never hosted the feast nor participated in the annual parades! Hopefully this would be a step in the right direction for all future high city officials.

The annual parade is expected to take place on April 21 on Madison Avenue, rain or shine.

A video reel from the event is on Facebook and Instagram.

Eyd e Shoma Mobarak! 🎊🥂🥳

Betty Emamian and Mayor Eric Adams

The Haft Sin

Consulate General, Raushan Yesbulatova, Ambassador of Kazakhstan

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