NYC Pride!

Ahhh! Pride march! You’ve been missed! I’ve been absent from the scene for a minute, busy giving birth and rearing two babies! Some of you sent me emails asking when I’ll be returning to my parade coverage. Alas! I bring to you the Pride March photo coverage. As always NYC never disappoints. This year had a bit of an international flare. Perhaps the blockbuster Black Panther movie had something to do with it. A lot of revelers felt more proud than ever to show off their heritage in traditional garbs from Bollywood to Nollywood. Kids were equally prominent alongside their parents, some of which had political messages about keeping families together. Politicians such as Gov Cuomo to hopeful Cynthia Nixon were crowd favorites. Gun control activist Emma Gonzalez debuted at the pride aboard the Stonewall float. Legendary Tennis icon Billie Jean King held was honored as the Grand Marshall.

Click here to see how Nigerians boldly and fearlessly celebrated at the march, a first for any African nation.

Nigerians represented for the first time

Here are some of my favorite sightings from the march. Be sure to visit my Facebook page for more images.Sign up for my newsletter on the right side of the site. You never know what might come through your email.

Gun control activist Emma Gonzalez

Gov. Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon

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